First Preview: Next Generation Volkswagen Golf

So let’s take a little breather from the Detroit Auto Show, and take a look at the first preview of the next generation Volkswagen Golf. Why change the shape so soon? Well for one, Toyota is making buzz with their Toyota Auris in Europe, which means Volkswagen will have to come out with a new and more exciting shape and a little more power under the hood. Second, Honda is stepping up their diesel game within the next 3 years in US and Japan and is also working on introducing a new hybrid-only model that will replace the Honda Insight, which means Volkswagen will have to get busy with a BLUETEC version and a new TDI version of their Golf hatchback.

So when can we expect the next-generation Golf to make its official debut from Volkswagen? So far the car is expected to make its official shape known in the middle of 2008 with dealership availability sometime in 2009.

Images Courtesy of: AutoBild