Alfa 8C Spider Still in the Works? Executives discuss the possibility on the way to NAIAS

Well it seems the feature of the Alfa 8C Spider was being discussed on a jet while Alfa Romeo’s CEO, Antonio Baravalle, talked to his boss, Sergio Marchionne, of Fiat. WindingRoad is reporting that Baravalle pleaded with Marchionne over a game of cards to not leave the Alfa 8C Spider a dead story. As many know the original framework for the Alfa 8C Competizione was to have 250 coupes and 250 spiders (convertibles). But once Marchionne did the math and realized that would cost Fiat 13 million dollars, he killed the spider plans and buried them under the rug.

Nonetheless, the executives at Alfa Romeo have still not given up on the Alfa Romeo 8C Spider, which is the convertible version of the beautiful Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione coupe.

Source: WindingRoad

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