Project Kahn’s Freelander 2 with Land Rover’s Performance Kit was nice enough to send us a little email on some of the scoops they came across today. One that interested us the most was the all-new Project Kahn’s Freelander 2 (known as the LR2 in the US) with Land Rover’s Performance Kit. After posting the link to Project Kahn’s page for the Freelander 2, noticed the link was quickly removed. Could it be because Land Rover hasn’t even unveiled the Performance Body Kit for the Freelander 2? It could be that Land Rover is holding off to show the rumored Freelander 2 Sport at the Detroit Auto Show which uses the same Body Kit as Project Kahn’s Freelander.

Either way, the Project Kahn’s Freelander 2 is fitted with 20 inch alloy wheels, an entertainment package in the car, custome leather seats, wood steering wheels and a new interior trim. Check out the images.

Source: CoolBrit

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