Is This the New Toyota Supra?

Just yesterday Toyota launched FT-HS Hybrid Sports concept which is rumored to hint at what the next (if returning) Toyota Supra would look like. Well on our digg post of the story a user posted a comment saying that the FT-HS is not the next Supra and provided us the image you see above showing what could be the next Toyota Supra. In fact, he really has us sold that this could possibly be the next and new Toyota Supra, and if this is, Toyota will definitely give the BMW 3-Series, Nissan Z, Infiniti G35 and the Cadillac CTS a run for their money. It seems from these images that the next Toyota Supra will be a hardtop convertible. Here is what the Japanese magazine had written about the car pictured above:

-5L V8 @ 450HP (2UR-FSE)
-3.5L V6 @ 350HP(2GR-FSE)
-Curb weight: 1400Kg or 3086lbs (not sure with which motor, V6/V8)
-N/A tuned only from factory (possible aftermarket turbo kits)
-2600mm or 102 inch wheelbase
-Stock 19″rims
-Highend V8 Model to cost upwards of $50,000
-Basic V6 Model to cost just over $40,000 (US) but $25,000 in Japan (with current exchange rate)



Source: Visitor Shifty2