Bentley Gives BMW, Audi & Subaru the Finger

Bentley Finger

BMW, Audi and Subaru were taking stabs at each other? That post is still one of the most viewed posts on our site. Well a nicely done photoshop (or is it?) shows the Bentley chairman giving all three of the automakers the finger.

For those of you who don’t know Bentley’s history, Bentley was founded by Walter Owen Bentley and was sold off to Rolls Royce in 1931 (that’s where the Bentley Continental started). In 1998, Rolls Royce and Bentley were purchased by Volkswagen after winning the bid against BMW. BMW and Volkswagen then came to an agreement where VW would manufacture both cars until the end of 2002, which after BMW would take over Rolls Royce and be its sole owner. As of 2003, Volkswagen as stopped relying on BMW for engines and has given its Bentley line its own W-12 engines.

Whether this image above is a photoshop or real, its still entertaining. We apologize in advance to anyone that is offended by the picture above (it’s just funny and entertaining).