GM Gets First Place in Design Challenge at L.A. Auto Show

GM Advanced Design has won the Los Angeles Auto Show”s Design Challenge for the second year in a row with its new Hummer 02 Concept. The Hummer 02 concept is a two-dimensional rendering of a 2015 Blue Sky Concept that addresses environmental sustainability. The design is said to prove that daily use of a vehicle could result in a net gain for the environment.

“The HUMMER O2 epitomizes the ethos of the true Southern California outdoors enthusiast with rugged capability, a “˜tread lightly” contact system and construction methods promoting safety, accessibility and reusability,” said Frank Saucedo, director, GM Advanced Design in California . “Most vehicles in L.A. spend 95 percent of their time outdoors subjected to sunlight, so why couldn”t a vehicle give back?” Who would’ve thought? A Hummer, giving back.

Source: GM

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