GM and Jay Leno build a 650 Horsepower Car – EcoJet

Besides making people laugh on his late night TV show, Jay Leno is a huge car enthusiast and just collaborated with GM’s design team to build a new concept vehicle called the EcoJet. The GM EcoJet is a jet-turbine powered supercar that runs on bio-diesel and produces about 650 horsepower. The EcoJet was unveiled at the SEMA Auto Show by Jay Leno and Ed Welburn, vice president of GM Global design team.

The GM EcoJet was an idea started on paper napkins by Leno and chief mechanic of Leno’s huge collection, Bernard Juchli. Both then looked to Welburn and GM’s design team for direction. While the GM EcoJet rides on the chassis of the Corvette Z06 with its aluminum and magnesium shell, the car does have a huge hint of Cadillac design elements. The car will be on display at SEMA all this week.

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