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2015 Gordon Murray Design iStream Carbon Concept

Gordon Murray’s iStream assembly process could revolutionize the way we make cars

When Yamaha revealed their all-new Sports Ride Concept at the Tokyo Motor Show, along with it was Gordon Murray’s newly touted iStream assembly and manufacturing process for platforms ans chassis, which the Sports Ride Concept is based on. According to Gordon Murray Design, the iStream Carbon Chassis is touted as a new way to conduct […]

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2015 Tokyo – Yamaha Sports Ride Concept (3)

2015 Tokyo: Yamaha reveals the Sports Ride Concept, their first ever pitch at a sports car

Yamaha is known for many many things–motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles, boats, scooters, go-karts, pianos, and even engines, among many other things. What they’re not known for is making their own automobiles, and to change this, Yamaha revealed their first-ever attempt at making their own car–and it’s of the sports type. Meet the Yamaha Sports Ride Concept, […]

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