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2015 Frankfurt – IAA: Watch Volkswagen AG’s group press conference on the eve of the 2015 IAA

Planning a late lunch? Interested in seeing what Volkswagen AG has in store for the 2015 IAA, and bummed that you’re not in Frankfurt to see the press conference in the flesh? Well, so are we, but luckily, the Volkswagen Group kept you and I in mind by preparing a means for us Internet goers […]

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2017 Volkswagen Tiguan (46)

2015 Frankfurt – IAA: The 2017 Volkswagen Tiguan gets bigger and matures to say, hello world

Believe it or not, the Volkswagen Tiguan has been with us since 2007, meaning the model is well over eight years old. So it was only a matter of time until Volkswagen was going to reveal the second generation model. Oh, well, look at what they just did? World, say hello to the second generation […]

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Report: Next-gen Volkswagen Tiguan could get a 300hp Coupe R version

Germany’s having a love affair with the “coupe” style crossover, first with the likes of the BMW X6, now with the Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe, and soon, Audi’s reportedly in the works with their own version called the Q6. But it doesn’t end there since AutoCar reportedly heard Volkswagen might make a Tiguan-based “coupe” version when the […]

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Report: More soccermom-ism from Volkswagen, new Tiguan to surface at Frankfurt

For those who seem to be making it in the world, the Volkswagen Tiguan is a perfect stepping stone into the more luxurious markets, especially those with kids or an active lifestyle. So for fans of the ever so popular crossover, get excited, because a new Tiguan should be showing up at the Frankfurt Motor […]

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Report: Volkswagen to introduce a new crossover concept at Detroit

Reuters heard that Volkswagen’s snagging some of the spotlight at the Detroit Auto Show in January by revealing a new crossover concept. According to the sources tapped, the crossover concept is a new smaller five-seat passenger version of the company’s impending seven-seat crossover. This could also ultimately preview a next-generation Tiguan. Not much else is […]

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Report: Volkswagen developing five- and seven-seat Tiguan

Volkswagen is apparently adamant about expanding its Tiguan lineup with an additional seven-seat model, next to the already preexisitng five-seater version. And this is a little bit confusing since Volkswagen already confirmed the arrival of their new seven-seat crossover based on the CrossBlue Concept, making it seem a bit redundant. AutoCar however says that the […]

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Report: Next generation Volkswagen Tiguan due later this fall

Auto Motor und Sport over in Germany reports that Volkswagen is gearing up to produce a completely redesigned Volkswagen Tiguan. The current Tiguan, a first-generation model, has been with us since 2007, built on the last generation Volkswagen Golf’s platform, the PQ35. According to the report, the Tiguan is due later this fall, which makes […]

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Volkswagen unveils Super Bowl XLVIII TV ad

Volkswagen revealed their expensive 60-second time slot spot that will view during the Big Game this weekend, which has been coined “Wings.” This is of course, not to be confused with Red Bull and their ability to give them. “Wings” will debut next to “Algorithm,” which will be showcased while you’re on your bathroom break […]

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Volkswagen introduces Volkswagen Car-Net™ in-car assistance for the first time ever

Volkswagen USA happily announced the launch of their first ever in-car assistance system. Others of honorable mention include GM’s OnStar, BMW’s Assist, and Hyundai’s Blue Link. Volkswagen patented theirs as Volkswagen Car-Net™ featuring location-based roadside assistance, remote vehicle control via smartphone apps, Destination Assist, and Automatic Crash Notification. The service will be available on all […]

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Volkswagen Cross Coupe TDI Concept

Report: Volkswagen planning two new SUVs for its lineup

Volkswagen is working on adding two new SUVs to its lineup as part of a plan to overtake GM and Toyota in deliveries. One of the two models will be an SUV that is bigger than the Tiguan and will offer 7-seats to a minivan. The other model will be a compact SUV that is […]

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