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Video: Watch Petrolicious explain how the Volkswagen Scirocco can make a petrolhead

Petrolicious puts together some fantastic videos of owners, their cars, and the stories along with them. And this one is no different, only Road&Track’s senior editor, Jason Cammisa, is in the spotlight this time with this Scirocco 16v that he’s owned since college. Although not a tire-roasting sports car, the Scirocco is special in many ways while […]

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Report: Volkswagen’s next gen Scirocco R to have more than 300hp

Volkswagen’s next Scirocco R is said to be sporting more than 300hp, according to a new report from Germany’s Autobild. The new Scirocco will be launched in 2017 and is destined to become a “full-fledged sports coupe.” And to make that even more interesting, rumors have indicated that we may get the new Scirocco. Not […]

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Report: Volkswagen to introduce new VR6 motor with direct injection, forced induction capable

Volkswagen is known for many things. But one of the better examples happens to be vee-dub’s beloved narrow-angle V6, colloquially known as the famous VR6 motor, which is also reputed for its luscious exhaust and engine note. Just ask any of the VW crowd who’s owned a VR6-powered People’s Car with a modified exhaust. And […]

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Report: Volkswagen still leaving the possibility of a US-bound Scirocco open

Word in the pipeline via AutoGuide.com is that Volkswagen may be honoring the demand to bring much sought after Scirocco coupe to the US of A for the next generation. The automobile outlet was recently able to sample a one-off Scirocco R that has been shipped to our shores for test purposes by journalists. And […]

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Report: Next gen Volkswagen Scirocco to get completely new sheetmetal, will be “completely different” than current

Volkswagen is planning on stepping up its game with its much sought after Scirocco hatchback, according to CarAdvice.com of Australia. The automobile outlet reportedly spoke to Volkswagen Group’s current head of design, Walter de Silva, at the New York International Auto Show not too long ago, and he said that the next generation Scirocco will […]

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Volkswagen Scirocco GTS Seats Front Quarter Angle

Volkswagen Scirocco GTS gets 207-hp, we want it in the states

Volkswagen’s Scirocco was revived last spring at the 2012 Leipzig Auto Show in Germany badged at the GTS, and has now made its way to showrooms across Europe. Five different engines are available for the GTS. The petrols include a 1.4-liter TSI that makes 158hp and a 2.0-liter TSI that puts out 207hp. Diesels come […]

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Volkswagen Scirocco GTS Wheels

Volkswagen Scirocco GTS to debut at 2012 AMI

Celebrating the launch of the second-generation Scirocco coupe some thirty years ago, Volkswagen is bringing back the GTS badge for a new special-edition of the hatchback. Known as the Volkswagen Scirocco GTS, the model will make its public debut at the 2012 AMI show in Leipzig, Germany. Visual upgrades include a new front and rear […]

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Volkswagen Scirocco

Report: Volkswagen Scirocco could come to the United States

During a recent trip out to Switzerland, I managed to get up-close-and-personal with a Volkswagen Scirocco and I found myself wondering why this wonderful hatchback coupe isn’t offered to us on the stateside. Of course, when the new-generation Volkswagen Scirocco was introduced in Europe in 2008, Volkswagen Group of America couldn’t make a business case […]

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Volkswagen U.S. boss wants to revive Scirocco for US

The Europeans like teasing us with cars that they make and offer in their market with cars that we unfortunately do not get a chance to see. And the reintroduction of the Scirocco is one of the examples. Although just a basic Golf with a fancier suit, it’s probably one of the best looking cars […]

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Third-generation Volkswagen Scirocco hits 100,000th milestone

Volkswagen launched the Scirocco hatchback in 1974 and that model has been very successful for the brand in its segment with sales hitting 795,650 units up until 1992. The Scirocco is now in its third generation model, which is built at the company’s Automoveis Ltda. plant in Portugal. Volkswagen announced on Friday that it has […]

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