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The 2015 North American Car and Truck/Utility of the Year finalists announced

It’s that time of year and the 2015 North American International Car Show in Detroit takes place next year and with the NAIAS is the announcement of the annual North American Car and Truck/Utility of the Year. As a result, the the finalists for this year’s award were announced by the North American Car/Truck of […]

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Report: The Volkswagen GTI could gain a 10-speed DSG

AutoExpress reports that the Volkswagen GTI could gain a 10-speed DSG automatic, after speaking to a “good authority” source within the company. It would replace the current model’s seven-speed DSG, but the seven-speed will remain for lesser versions of Golf. The 10-speed is being designed for the GTI, the GTD and the Golf R and […]

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Volkswagen to introduce updated Golf R400 and GTI Roadster concepts to LA

Volkswagen’s isn’t done expanding its new seventh generation Golf just yet as there still has yet to be a production version of the highly-anticipated high-performance Golf R400. But now, there’s a new addition to the Golf family, and that’s a new GTI Roadster Concept, which pitches the idea of a convertible GTI. Click here for […]

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Recalls: Volkswagen issues stop-sale and recall for GTI and Golf

Volkswagen announced to have stopped sales of its 2015 GTI and Golf over problems with front stabilizer link fasteners, which could affect steering on the problem-stricken cars. The stop-sale involves 705 cars at US dealers, according to AutomotiveNews, with an additional 108 in Canada. After a recent follow up with AutoBlog, an additional 2,001 examples in the […]

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Video: What happens when you pair Tanner Foust, a Volkswagen GTI, and lots of GoPros?

Volkswagen and GoPro teamed up to do some marketing stunts, featuring world-renowned rally driver and Top Gear USA host, Tanner Foust. So what happened? Well, GoPro equipped an all-new seventh generation 2015 Volkswagen Golf GTI with a crap-ton of GoPros and put Tanner Foust behind the wheel of said GTI. But to make things even […]

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Report: Volkswagen’s Golf R400 Concept gets the green light to our surprise

When Volkswagen revealed their seriously potent 400hp Golf R400 Concept at this year’s Beijing Auto Show, they explicitly said that there are no plans for production in their press release. But because intentions aren’t solidified by Medusa, things can always change. And apparently, we’ve all shouted loud enough for Volkswagen to give the concept a […]

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Report: Volkswagen to import the Golf GTD in 2015 as a 2016 model, 0-60 in 7 sec. and a sporty 40+ mpg

It’s pretty well established that the go-to ultimatum in the hot hatchback world has been the Volkswagen GTI. But to make their own selection a little bit more difficult, Volkswagen reportedly confirmed that they’ll be importing the all-new oil-burning Golf GTD into the US beginning in 2015. Click here for our original post on the […]

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2013 Volkswagen Design Vision GTI Interior Driver Seat

Volkswagen unveils 503hp 2013 Design Vision GTI at Worthersee Festival in Austria

Following teasers of a new Volkswagen GTI concept that is slated for a debut at this year’s 2013 Worthersee Festival in Austria, Volkswagen officially unveiled the new concept. It’s called the Design Vision GTI and provides a look at a super uber-track-focused Golf GTI. Based on the latest generation Golf GTI, the 2013 Volkswagen Design […]

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2013 Volkswagen GTI Concept for Worthersee Festival Teaser

Volkswagen teases new Volkswagen GTI concept ahead of 2013 Worthersee debut

Not too long ago, we received word that Volkswagen was gearing up to unveil an all-new GTI Concept at this year’s Worthersee Festival in Austria—one of the largest Volkswagen and Audi enthusiast gatherings in the world. As we know from history, Volkswagen likes to arouse interest within their enthusiast community by showcasing special concepts at […]

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2007 Volkswagen Golf GTI W12-650 Concept

Report: Volkswagen to debut new concept at 2013 Worthersee Festival, where the GTI W12-650 was unveiled in 2007

Volkswagen likes to stay in touch with some of its most dedicated loyalists and fans by making an official appearance at one of the largest Volkswagen and Audi gatherings in the world: the annual Worthersee Festival in Vienna, Austria. In 2007, the People’s Car brand unveiled the Volkswagen GTI W12-650, which was a one-off concept […]

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