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Report: Next-gen Volkswagen Tiguan could get a 300hp Coupe R version

Germany’s having a love affair with the “coupe” style crossover, first with the likes of the BMW X6, now with the Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe, and soon, Audi’s reportedly in the works with their own version called the Q6. But it doesn’t end there since¬†AutoCar reportedly heard Volkswagen might make a Tiguan-based “coupe” version when the […]

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2015 Detroit: The Volkswagen Cross Coupe GTE debuts for the world to see at Detroit

Volkswagen revealed a new concept called the Cross Coupe GTE and it’s another idea at a possible new crossover for the People’s car. This new midsizer also boasts a new plug-in hybrid powertrain, complete with a 3.6L VR6 motor with 276hp and two electric motors, rated at 54hp and 114hp each, powering all four wheels. […]

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