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Miscellaneous Thoughts: Coffee cup power inverter, Hyundai says delay of ‘Cash for Clunkers’ hurting sales

You know the routine by now – it’s time for Miscellaneous Thoughts post. Coffee Cup Power Inverter: Running low on power on 3 of your devices but don’t have enough 120-volt AC outlets in your car? Then this conveniently shaped coffee cup power inverter is for you. The Coffee Cup Power Inverter provides 120 Volt […]

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Visteon auto parts maker files for Chap. 11 for U.S. operations

Visteon Corp announced today that it has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection for its U.S. operations. The U.S. auto parts maker said that its non-U.S. subsidiaries and joint ventures are not a part of the filing and will continue to operate throughout the reorganization process. Visteon, which was spun off by Ford Motor Co […]

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A/C Compressor Visteon 940024 picture
A/C Compressor Visteon 940024
Air Filter Visteon 640004 picture
Air Filter Visteon 640004
Visteon N13636 Alternator - New picture
Visteon N13636 Alternator - New
A/C Compressor Visteon 220034 picture
A/C Compressor Visteon 220034
Alternator-New Visteon N13538 picture
Alternator-New Visteon N13538