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2016 TVR Teasers

This is what the chassis of the new TVR sports car looks like

TVR is back and we couldn’t be any more excited! That’s because British entrepreneur , Les Edgar, revived the automaker, after buying it back from its lame-duck Russian investor of the past decade. Edgar himself is pushing TVR to produce “supercars for the common man” and so far, he’s on track with TVR’s latest model. […]

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2016 – Official TVR Sports Car Teasers

Video: TVR teases its new sports car, and it gets us excited

Some publicity surrounding TVR and their latest revival happened and AutoCar, along with TVR themselves, shared some details about what to expect for the new car. If you forgot or aren’t in the know, TVR announced their revival a while back after ownership for the car division changed hands and was bought by a British entrepreneur, […]

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Photo Rendering: TVR teases newest V8 sports car, due in 2017

‘Tis the season, and TVR felt generous by releasing a teaser pic and rendering of what could be their next, highly-anticipated return to the sports car world, with their V8 coupe. As a refresher, TVR landed itself back into the hands of the British within the last couple years by way of entrepreneur, Les Edgar, […]

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Video: Watch and listen to TVR’s new Ford-sourced Cosworth-developed Coyote V8 get dyno’d

Some of the biggest news coming from Great Britain is the return of TVR, which got a revival thanks to entrepreneurs, Les Edgar and John Chasey. Ever since the company’s ownership was bought back from Russian tycoon, Nikolai Smolensky, Edgar promised to bring TVR back with some new sports cars. And recently, a new video […]

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Report: TVR’s incoming V8 sports car that doesn’t even exist yet is sold out

Over the past year or so, we’ve received excellent news about the return and resurrection of TVR, the famed small British sports car manufacturer known for making sports cars and supercars for ax-wielding murderers and thrill seekers. In 2013, it was officially announced that TVR Automotive Ltd. was reacquired by the British at the hands of […]

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Report: TVR is still relevant, to open new R&D center in a few years

Remember TVR? The small British sports-car maker that changed hands more than a mail-order bride? Well, if you need a refresher, TVR Automotive Ltd. was reacquired by the British by the hands of entrepreneur, Les Edgar, after Russian entrepreneur, Nikolai Smolensky, left the company in a stalemate. That said, Edgar’s plan has since been to redevelop […]

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Report: TVR’s Les Edgar has two new models incoming, to be “supercars for the common man”

Following some interviews and reports confirming the return of TVR Automotive Ltd. after being reacquired by a British businessman with the name of Les Edgar, AutoCarUK apparently received some more scoop on TVR’s near-future plans. As TVR Automotive stands right now, it is currently owned and being operated by three executive individuals who all have […]

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