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Report: Toyota GT 86 sales not as high as expected, jeopardizes performance model

A report from AutoExpressUK states that the Toyota GT 86 has fallen short on sales expectations in major markets. As a result, this has put the possibility of a highly-demanded performance model in jeopardy. This comes after Toyota recently revealed the 2014 Verso with a BMW-sourced 1.6L diesel engine, after the company announced to be receiving […]

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Report: Toyota FT-1 concept does not indicate any upgrades to the GT-86/FR-S

Akio Toyoda, president of Toyota, has been channeling a lot of positive energy into the company, supporting cars like the Ft-1, and pushing designers to take chances and to give the bestselling cars on the planet more personality and soul. When it comes to the existing two-door rear-drive car, also known as the Subaru BRZ, […]

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Report: Toyota working on a turbo four-door hybrid variant to GT 86 coupe

The future of Toyota’s and Subaru’s joint sports car, the GT 86, is up in the future as Toyota’s end of the project seem to be very indecisive as to what to do with expanding the lineup. Hints of a convertible, hybrid, and even EV version have been tossed out there. Though the most likely […]

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Report: Toyota planning a GT86-based sedan with a longer wheelbase and hybrid option

Motoring.com in Australia recently heard that Toyota could be expanding its 86 lineup, which consists right now of the GT86/Scion FR-S sports coupe. The expansion could include a new sedan to good, which means a longer wheelbase as well by about 100mm. When it was first launched down yonder, Chief Engineer Tetsuya Tada openly expressed […]

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Report: Toyota suspends progress for the GT86 convertible again

Toyota was recently under the magnifying glass after enthusiasts and automobile journalists alike became excited to the rumor that Toyota could be producing a convertible version of its highly successful GT86 sports coupe. Though, details have been inconsistent as the Japanese automobile giant has been uneasy about giving the greenlight for production. And to add […]

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Report: More developments with BMW and Toyota’s trajectory on sports car and other projects

BMW and Toyota have been known to be hard at work together, something that has enthusiasts and journalists very excited for the future. And ever since the two have confirmed their newly found partnership, rumors and speculation have been exploding up the wazoo. So far, there’s strong reason to suspect that a new midsized sports […]

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Subaru BRZ STi Teaser Coming Soon Front

BREAKING: Brace yourselves, the Subaru BRZ STi officially teased on STi’s homepage in Japan

Subaru and Toyota have seriously made an impression with their BR-Z/FR-S/GT-86 collaborative sports car. But what kept us sitting at the edge of our seats was the possibility and idea if Subaru in particular was ever going to produce an STi version of its much-loved BR-Z sports coupe. Skeptical cynics and enthusiasts alike have doubted […]

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Report: Toyota confirmed to be exploring forced induction for GT86 mid-cycle refresh, hybrid possible too

AutoCarUK has learned that Toyota has confirmed to be considering turbocharged and supercharged versions of its well-received GT86 sports car. Heck, they might even introduce a high-performance hybrid variant as well. Click here for our original post on the 2013 Toyota FT86 Open Concept. “I’ve been asked a lot about a turbocharging,” Tada said to […]

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2013 Toyota FT-86 Open Concept Rear 3-4 Left Cruising

BREAKING: Toyota unveils FT-86 Open Concept ahead of Geneva debut

Toyota has just unveiled a new variant of its much beloved compact rear-wheel drive sports car, the GT-86. Known as the Toyota FT-86 Open Concept, the new GT-86 variant is essentially a droptop version of the coupe. The 2013 Toyota FT-86 Open Concept features the same 2+2 design as the coupe while the retractable soft […]

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1995 Toyota Supra Rear 3-4 Right

Report: Cooperative BMW-Toyota Supra successor due by end of 2017, to utilize hybrid powertrain

MotorTrend reports on some details surrounding the much-anticipated, yet so far rumored return of the infamous Toyota Supra. The rumor was substantiated even more when news about an agreement between BMW and Toyota collaborating on a sports car surfaced not too long ago. So far, MT speculates that Toyota may reveal a production Supra by […]

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