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2017 Toyota Corolla iM

The 2017 Toyota 86 and Corolla iM models receive the badges they deserve

Scion was sentenced to death earlier this year and it was a blessing in disguise. Despite trying to reach down to the younger spectrum of the car-buying market, Scions ended up being bought mostly by old people and first-time drivers wanting a sports car. The latter are the reasons why the Scion tC sold, which […]

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2016 New York – 2016 Toyota 86

2016 New York Preview: Scion’s lovely FR-S sports coupe finally gets the Toyota 86 name it deserves in the US

One of the more notable marketing fails that ultimately and probably led to the death of Scion was Toyota’s decision to name the excellent GT86 rear-wheel drive sports coupe, the Scion FR-S. By then, Scion more or less lost whatever credibility they had with the slowing momentum of the tC’s initial success. Part of Toyota’s […]

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Report: Subaru and Toyota to continue collaborating on next-gen BRZ/FRS/GT 86, could include plug-in hybrid

Subaru and Toyota joined forced to make the BRZ/FRS/GT 86 trio, a very special car designed with one thing in mind–driving fun. And I’m one to not care about all of the magazine racers demanding more power from it since it really does not need it. Nonetheless, whether your a fan of the GT 86 […]

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Report: The Toyota GT 86 mid-cycle refresh to yield lots of tweaks and new lightweight carbon fiber roof version

Toyota’s sports car chief, Tetsuya Tada, spoke to Motoring, who learned that the Toyota GT 86 will get a pretty involving mid-cycle refresh pretty soon. The refresh is said to include some tweaks to the engine, suspension, and the body while revealing a new lightweight variant with a carbon fiber roof. But don’t hold your breath […]

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Report: Toyota developing entry-level sports car below GT 86

Rumors again from Australia! (Surprised?) Motoring.com reports of Toyota developing a new entry-level sports coupe to sit below the GT 86. Apparently, the car’s weight of 2,160lbs is confirmed along with power supplied by a 1.5L naturally-aspirated four-pot good for 128hp and 107 lb-ft of torque and a six-speed manual or automatic. Not much else […]

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Report: CAR interviews the man responsible for making Toyota and Lexus more interesting

Meet Karl Schlicht, Toyota’s and Lexus’ product chief, which UK’s CAR Magazine recently interviewed. While most automotive executives are fairly prominent for obvious reasons, Schlicht deserves more honorable mention because he is mainly responsible for Toyota’s and Lexus’ turnaround, making their cars more engaging and ultimately more exciting to drive–something none of us would have postulated […]

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Report: Subaru’s parental boss confirms second generation BRZ, negates past reports

Previously, Australia’s Drive.com claimed that the Subaru BRZ was to be the first and last model as contextual factors such as slow sales and Toyota’s recent pairing with BMW have cast a grim light on the the BRZ’s future. But recently, AutomotiveNews spoke with Subaru’s parental president at Fuji Heavy Industries Lts., Yasuyuki Yoshinaga, who said that […]

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Report: Final product of Toyota and BMW sports car collaboration could be a convertible

A new report is in from Australia’s Drive, who supposedly learned that Toyota is apparently eyeing the possibility of a convertible model in regards to its highly-anticipated sports car collaboration with BMW. After speaking with a “Toyota official,” word is that a convertible may be a more viable business case instead of producing a GT 86 […]

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Report: Subaru may discontinue BRZ after its first generation

Australian auto media down yonder, Drive, reports that Subaru may not continue its BRZ into a second generation because Toyota is focusing on its relationship with BMW. Subaru’s BRZ exists because by contract, Toyota has a 20% stake in Subaru’s parent, Fuji Heavy Industries. As a result, because of Toyota’s recent plans with BMW, ties might […]

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Report: Toyota withdraws GT 86 Hybrid due to lack of demand

Toyota is apparently withdrawing their decision to proceed with a GT 86-based hybrid due to a lack of demand, as the latest from AutoCar of the UK reports. According to their findings after speaking with Toyota’s marketing director, Fabio Capano, they found that the hybrid doesn’t speak to the majority of their intended market. In other […]

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