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Vision Tokyo

2015 Tokyo: Mercedes-Benz unveils the Vision Tokyo Concept

Mercedes-Benz is participating in this year’s 2015 Tokyo Motor Show Festivities with the new Vision Tokyo Concept. Pitched as a minivan concept that’s greatly similar to the F015 Luxury In Motion concept, this new Vision Tokyo Concept is geared towards the so-called Generation Z crowd, or those born after 1995. In other words, this concept […]

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2015 Tokyo – Honda Clarity Fuel Cell (13)

2015 Tokyo: The production Honda Clarity Fuel Cell shows up in Japan’s capital

Honda’s ready to continue their quest to try and standardize more hydrogen fuel-cell powered vehicles with the all-new Clarity Fuel Cell, which arrived at the Tokyo Motor Show in full-production guise to take on the new Toyota Mirai. Built as a follow to the FCX Clarity, the new Honda Clarity FCV features a body that’s […]

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Nissan IDS Concept

2015 Tokyo: The Nissan IDS Concept provides a glimpse into the next-gen LEAF w/ video

Nissan revealed a series of teasers before to let the world know they had something in store for this year’s 2015 Tokyo Motor Show. That teaser has led to the introduction of the new Nissan IDS Concept, a study and pitch at the next-generation Nissan LEAF EV. Representing the company’s aim towards their signature electric […]

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2015 Tokyo – Yamaha Sports Ride Concept (3)

2015 Tokyo: Yamaha reveals the Sports Ride Concept, their first ever pitch at a sports car

Yamaha is known for many many things–motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles, boats, scooters, go-karts, pianos, and even engines, among many other things. What they’re not known for is making their own automobiles, and to change this, Yamaha revealed their first-ever attempt at making their own car–and it’s of the sports type. Meet the Yamaha Sports Ride Concept, […]

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2015 Tokyo – Subaru Impreza 5-Door Concept

2015 Tokyo: Subaru pulls the sheets off of the Impreza 5-Door Concept

Subaru was next to reveal one of their concepts on the web, due for a world premiere at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show. Meet the Subaru Impreza 5-Door Concept, a pitch at the next-generation five-door hatchback variant to the all-new Impreza, and it’s certainly quite the looker. The current and outgoing Impreza 5-door is blander […]

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2015 Tokyo – Lexus LF-LC Flagship Concept (10)

2015 Tokyo: The Lexus LF-FC Flagship Concept previews the next-generation LS

The 2015 Tokyo Motor Show is in full swing and adding to the list of major reveals this year is something pretty significant from Lexus. Following the reveal of Mazda’s hot new RX-Vision Concept, Lexus decided to drop the details on their highly-anticipated concept, designed to tease the next-generation LS flagship sedan. Meet the LF-LC Flagship […]

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BREAKING – 2015 Tokyo: All hail Mazda’s rotary coupe revival, the RX-Vision Concept

After many many rumors and teasers and even doubt that Mazda was ever going to follow through with their plans to succeed the RX-8 with another rotary-powered RX sports coupe, Mazda finally came out from hiding to reveal that they were indeed working on one after all. And here it is, out in the open, […]

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2015 Tokyo Preview: Datsun teases a new model for this year’s show

Nissan not too long ago revived the Datsun nameplate and as of now, they only have four models making up their lineup–a range of super cheap modes of transportation for the masses in various Asian markets. But soon, there will be a new Datsun on the block as the company teased a new model due […]

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2013 Tokyo: Mitsubishi offers a third concept to add to the crossover possibility list w/ video

The Montero has been gone for too long for some from the US market and we may be looking at indications of what its replacement may be. As indicated in the video clip, the concept comes with electronic rear suicide doors, a glowing blue touch interface down the center of the cabin, plug in hybrid […]

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2013 Tokyo: Lexus reveals the RC Coupe at Tokyo, due for launch in 2014

Lexus has revealed a new coupe concept based on the existing GS platform called the RC. Mechanically, this car mostly uses existing components, but has a different body and offers up some minor tweaks to set it apart from the Lexus lineup. In the style of the original Lexus SC, there’s an acceptable amount of […]

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