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Photo Rendering: If Bentley made the EXP 10 Speed 6 into a four-door coupe, this would be it

Graphic artist and manipulator,¬†Theophilus Chin¬†decided to give his interpretation of the EXP 10 Speed 6 Concept, if it was a four-door coupe. And well, it’s not bad. The EXP 10 is already a dashing looking car, and that’s because it sorta looks like an Aston Martin with a Bentley face. It is undoubtedly heavy on […]

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Photo Rendering: Could this be the new next-gen Mitsubishi Lancer?

Although Mitsubishi officially announced to be axing the Lancer Evolution for good as the small Japanese automaker focuses on hybrid and EV models, this obviously doesn’t mean the Lancer itself is dead, especially when it’s a particularly integral and important model for them. That’s because the Lancer competes with cars like the Honda Civic, the […]

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