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Report: The Tesla Model S and Model X now come with two-year lease options

Tesla’s on a huge sales offensive to meet end-of-the-year goals. This benefits the customer usually in the form of discounts and easier purchasing or leasing options–and that’s exactly what happened as of recent. Earlier today, Tesla officially announced to be introducing new two-year lease options for the Model X and Model S electric vehicles. While […]

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Report: Tesla to offer Autopilot trial for one month, free

Tesla’s going on a short marketing stunt to offer their newly touted Autopilot autonomous driving tech for prospective customers. Those who choose to sign up will be able to try Tesla’s Autopilot program for free for one month. If you own a Tesla Model S or Model X, the cars are capable of using Autopilot, […]

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The Tesla Model X 70D base model gets replaced by the updated 75D

Tesla is having a bit of a rough start with the launch of the Model X, from recalls, to reliability and functionality issues and complaints, and even complaints over build quality. Elon Musk himself even admitted that they may have been a bit too ambitious. Nonetheless, Tesla just released a slightly updated Tesla Model X […]

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Recalls: The Tesla Model X gets recalled for a third-row seat issue

It seems the Tesla Model X crossover is off to a bit of a rough start, first with mixed critic reviews, and now a recall, according to The Verge. The safety alarm is sounded off for the Model X’s third-row seating arrangement on some 2,700 models in total. Some people in some lab coats found that […]

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Tesla Motors makes the Model X a little more accessible with a new entry-level variant

When the Tesla Model X first debuted officially, details and all, it wasn’t exactly priced for mass market, with debut model’s starting price beginning at $132,000 for the P90D, the top of the line model. But that recently changed as Tesla Motors just introduced its entry-level Model X called the 70D, which starts at a […]

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Behold: The Tesla Model X has been revealed in full on the web and in California

Tesla finally pulled the wraps off of its highly-anticipated, Model X EV crossover SUV at a special event at their factory in Freemont, California. Pegged as the world’s first-ever fully-electric mass-production crossover SUV, it basically lives up to our expectations as being a raised Model S sedan with more room. Boasting a 0.24 cd drag […]

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Elon Musk confirms launch of Tesla Model X in September

Tesla Motors’ CEO, Elon Musk, confirmed to company shareholders that the highly-anticipated Model X EV crossover is going to be revealed in September as the company continues to expand its portfolio. Check out more news on the Tesla Model X. Still, not much is known about the new Model X, but it will retain the gullwing […]

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Report: Tesla Motors to spawn a new crossover from Model III

The Wall Street Journal reports that Tesla Motors may be interested in building another crossover, but of the compact size, to match the new Model III entry-level sports sedan. So far, from what we know, the Model III is destined to compete against the BMW 3-Series and Audi A4 so naturally, the crossover should compete […]

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Report: Tesla confirms to be commencing deliveries of Model X in Sept. 2015

Tesla Motors officially confirmed to be bringing its new all-electric Model X crossover to showrooms sometime in the third quarter of this year, or around September or October. According to their release, the Model X, which was revealed in February of 2012, was due for a launch in late 2013 but due to design issues with […]

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Report: BMW could be working on a new EV crossover to compete with Tesla

Tesla’s in the works with a new EV crossover for the near-future as the automaker continues to expand its lineup. As they expand, they’ve also clearly marked their sights on current luxury brands such as Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz. They’re also working on a new crossover to grab a piece of the action with the […]

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Tesla Model S & Model X SAE J1772 charging adapter PN: 1005617-00-C picture
Tesla Model S & Model X SAE J1772 charging adapter PN: 1005617-00-C
Tesla Model S Or X $1,000 Discount Code picture
Tesla Model S Or X $1,000 Discount Code
TESLA MODEL X LIFT GATE RED P90D 2015 2016 1009710-00-G OEM picture
TESLA MODEL X LIFT GATE RED P90D 2015 2016 1009710-00-G OEM