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Report: Tata Nano coming to the U.S. in about 3-years

Not that you should be totally excited about this but the Tata Nano may finally be coming to the United States in about 3-years. In a recent interview, CEO Ratan Tata said that the redesigned version of the Nano will come to the United States. “The U.S. is a very enticing market,” Tata said in […]

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Jay Leno – Tata Nano

Video: Jay Leno brings the Tata Nano from Bollywood to Hollywood

Bollywood is to India as Hollywood is to the United States. Taking on that theme, Jay Leno’s Garage recently decided to bring the Tata Nano, India’s – and the world’s – cheapest car from Bollywood to Hollywood. The video starts with Tata Motors building Jay Leno’s Tata Nano in India and shipping it over to […]

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Bajaj RE60

Bajaj RE60 wants to steal world’s cheapest car title from Tata Nano

Statistically amusing to the first world, but quite crucially to developing nations is the latest in cheap motoring: the Bajaj RE60. The price is not out yet, but this 45-mph urban vehicle should undercut the Tata Nano’s $2775 base price. This drop in cost comes at the cost of performance: the 200cc unit in the […]

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Tata to replace starters on about 50,000 Nanos

Tata Motors Ltd., has announced a recall in India to replace the starter motors of all Nano models sold between July 2009 and October 2011. “We are replacing the starter motors of the previous Nano variant with those of the our new 2012 edition,” spokesperson Debasis Ray said. “There are no safety concerns. We have […]

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Following sluggish sales, Tata Nano gets some upgrades

With sales numbers much lower than anticipated for the car, Telsa has made some changes to the Nano and its variants that add a lot more features to each trim level. India’s most fuel efficient car is getting better gas mileage, greater color options, and improved interiors. In addition, the car boasts the best fuel […]

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What recession: Tata creates $4.6 million Nano

The Tata Nano may be the world’s cheapest car but the model has just been transformed into a work of art costing an estimated and outstanding $4.6 million USD. The special-edition Tata Nano, which we highly doubt will ever be driven, features 5,000 years of Indian Jewlery-making. “GoldPlus Nano 1 marks the convergence of diverse […]

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Tata, maker of world’s cheapest car, working on world’s cheapest home

Tata Group, which is manufacturer of the world’s cheapest car and the world’s cheapest water filter, is now working on building the the world’s cheapest house. The Indian automaker is working on a $720 flatpack home that can apparently be constructed in a week. The flatpack house is 215 square feet and consists coconut fiber […]

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Tata doubling production of the Nano

The Tata Nano has been selling well for Tata Motors – so much so that the company has decided to double production of the cheapest car in world. With the production increase, Tata Motors will be producing a total of 20,000 units of the Nano a month this fiscal year. Tata sold a total of […]

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Tata Chairman says U.S. Nano would cost around $7,000 to $8,000

Yes, by now most of us know that the cheapest car in the world is the Tata Nano, which made its debut in India in 2008 with a starting price tag of 100,000 rupees ($2,172 USD). But what if a car like the Nano comes to the United States? This isn’t the first time we’ve […]

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Tata Pixel Concept hints at sexier Nano for the European market

Now that the hype of the Tata Nano is starting to die off, Indian automaker Tata Motors has decided to offer the European market its own, sexier version of the pint-size compact. The Tata Pixel Concept made its debut at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show last week and hints at a future subcompact for the […]

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2008 Tata Motors Geneva Auto Show Press Kit Nano Indica Safari DICOR 2.2 Xenon picture
2008 Tata Motors Geneva Auto Show Press Kit Nano Indica Safari DICOR 2.2 Xenon