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‘Real life’ pictures of the SV 9 Competizione Corvette C6

We’re pretty sure you remember the SV 9 Competizione Corvette C6 (it left a lasting impression on us) that made its debut last month. Either way, we were really disappointed that SV Motor Company released only a couple of computer rendered images of the all-American Corvette C6 with a touch of Italian design. Well, today we bring you […]

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SV 9 Competizione: An Italian take on the all-American Corvette C6

SV Motor Company is putting the finishing touches on a new project known as the SV 9 Competizione. Ready to make its debut in the coming days, here is your first look at an all-American Corvette C6 with an Italian styled exterior and interior. The new Italian-styled body is made of lightweight carbon fiber, helping […]

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