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HPP Ford Escape

Ford to bring tuned 2013 Explorer and Escape models to 2012 SEMA Show

Three SUV’s will now be joining Ford’s massive Sema fleet at this year’s upcoming show in the form of one 2013 Explorer and two 2013 Escapes. The 2013 Ford Explorer comes in the form of the 3.5-liter V6 EcoBoost Sport variant and was crafted by Forgiato. While the tuning house has yet to detail the […]

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Report: Porsche board could approve ‘baby’ Cayenne SUV next week

According to reports coming out of Germany, Porsche’s board could approve the much rumored baby Cayenne as early as next week. The report comes as Porsche secured the jobs of its 8,600 German workforce for another 5 years in exchange for a pledge from labor to increase productivity more than 6 percent annually. “Against this […]

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