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Report: Subaru may discontinue BRZ after its first generation

Australian auto media down yonder, Drive, reports that Subaru may not continue its BRZ into a second generation because Toyota is focusing on its relationship with BMW. Subaru’s BRZ exists because by contract, Toyota has a 20% stake in Subaru’s parent, Fuji Heavy Industries. As a result, because of Toyota’s recent plans with BMW, ties might […]

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Cosworth reveals engine upgrade package for Toyobaru triplets, can boost power up to 380hp

For all the time that Subaru and Toyota refused to offer a forced-induced version of the GT 86/BRZ/Scion FR-S, renowned engine firm Cosworth picked up the slack by revealing a special Power Package. The package is offered in a variety of “stages,” with Stage 1 beginning with a mildly optimized ECU, a stainless sport exhaust […]

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Scion enhances the FR-S for 2015, suspension upgrades and visual tweaks

Scion got on the wire to inform us that the 2015 FR-S has been slightly updated for the new model year, including some enhancements to the suspension. Set to go on sale later this summer, the 2015 Scion FR-S receives a retuned suspension to improve handling and stability–specifics include a more rigid front setup and […]

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Video: Cosworth teases new performance packages for Subaru BR-Z/Toyota GT 86

Many fans and automotive journalists alike continue to wonder to this day: why aren’t Toyota and Subaru producing more powerful variants to the current GT 86 and BR-Z? While this question continues to go unanswered and rumors of other variants to the GT 86 surfacing, renowned engine tuning firm, Cosworth, just recently teased a new […]

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Report: Toyota GT 86 variants apparently back in the rumor mill

Motoring in Australia down yonder is claiming that Toyota is back in game of expanding the GT 86 lineup. In the past, rumors and reports have suggested that Toyota will expand the GT 86 lineup with a convertible, a sedan, a hybrid, and even a turbocharged high performance variant, all of which have yet to […]

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Report: Subaru may be building special edition BR-Z for US

A new report is in from CARandDRIVER who have learned that Subaru may be in the works with a special edition variant of the beloved BR-Z sports coupe. Though C/D emphasized, do not hold your breath out for a turbocharged variant, still. The new BR-Z special edition will apparently be revealed later this year and will receive […]

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Report: Toyota working on a turbo four-door hybrid variant to GT 86 coupe

The future of Toyota’s and Subaru’s joint sports car, the GT 86, is up in the future as Toyota’s end of the project seem to be very indecisive as to what to do with expanding the lineup. Hints of a convertible, hybrid, and even EV version have been tossed out there. Though the most likely […]

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Report: Subaru to drop the five-door hatch WRX/STi along with other lineup changes

AutomotiveNews learned some crucial details about Subaru’s near-future, which includes a variety of changes to be implemented across their entire lineup. As of now, the plans include phasing in an all-new and completely redesigned Outback wagon and Legacy sedan for the later half of 2014, along with a new seven-seater crossover to replace the Tribeca, […]

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2014 Subaru BRZ tS

Subaru’s STi division reveals BRZ tS light tune for the Japanese domestic market, no STi variant

We were juked! Remember the Subaru BRZ teaser that had a good amount of us going crazy over the possible final reveal of what could be a much-sought after BRZ STi? Well, a report from an enthusiast site said it was just and upgraded BRZ ‘tS’ lightly tuned model. But because there wasn’t an official […]

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Report: Subaru STi’s BRZ teaser only for a “light tune” tS variant…?

The automotive news sphere recently lost its marbles over teasers released on Subaru STi’s homepage on Japan (we admittedly did here), which appear to suggest that Subaru is teasing an STi version of its beloved BRZ sports coupe. Enthusiasts and journalists alike have been waiting for any sort of inclination to suggest Subaru is indeed […]

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Invidia HS12SSTFPP Front Pipe for Subaru BR-Z/Scion FR-S picture
Invidia HS12SSTFPP Front Pipe for Subaru BR-Z/Scion FR-S
Invidia HS12SSTFPC Front Pipe for Subaru BR-Z/Scion FR-S picture
Invidia HS12SSTFPC Front Pipe for Subaru BR-Z/Scion FR-S
17X7" 2013-2015 2016 SUBARU BR-Z BRZ SCION FR-S FRS OEM Wheel Rim Take OFF 69621
CROSSMEMBER/K-FRAME REAR FITS 13-16 BR-Z 4436250 picture
DAR FG524 Subaru BR-Z Factory Flush Rear Spoiler Unpainted picture
DAR FG524 Subaru BR-Z Factory Flush Rear Spoiler Unpainted