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Report: Jaguar will stop building beautiful wagons because nobody’s buying them

AutomotiveNews Europe reports Jaguar will be pulling the plug on any future plans to produce any drop-dead gorgeous wagons, simply because nobody’s buying them. Additionally, the arrival of the F Pace, the company’s first-ever crossover SUV, basically leaves the wagon for dead and smashes any business case worthy of keeping it around. And that’s a […]

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2014 Volvo V60 Plug-in Hybrid D6 R-Design

2014 Volvo V60 Plug-in Hybrid D6 R-Design: 283 hp, 155mpg

Even though it won’t be coming with anything other than Volvo’s six-speed automatic, it’s hard not to want a reasonably quick diesel wagon from Volvo that looks like this and gets up to 155 mpg. Are we getting it over here? Hah! No. Of course not. Today’s news from Volvo does not exactly herald an all-new […]

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1991 BMW 325i Wagon

Report: E30 wagons can now be imported to the USA

For the uninitiated, the obsession might seem odd. Why import a high-maintenance small wagon for much more than the ‘blue book says it might be worth? In many cases, this is one’s only ticket to a reasonably priced, small, German, rear wheel drive wagon with a standard transmission, something that is akin to finding a […]

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2014 Cadillac CTS-V Wagon

Report: Cadillac to unleash their full range of cars in Europe

Cadillac’s presence in Europe ten years ago was tentative, more recently, it’s been timid, but now, the American luxury brand plans a tumultuous presence across the pond. Why? Quite a few folk have bought their cars recently. Cadillac announced at Geneva that they will be offering everything from the ATS to the Escalade though the […]

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2015 Jaguar XFR-S Sportbrake

Jaguar confirms XFR-S Sportbrake, adds new R-Sport line for Geneva

Yesterday, we mentioned that Jag is revealing a new wagon to go up against the likes of the Mercedes E63 AMG wagon, today, it is confirmed with another development: Jag is adding a sporting transition trim line called “R-Sport”. Not unlike BMW’s M-Sport specification, or Audi’s S-Line, Jag is now allowing customers to purchase a […]

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2015 Ford Focus

Report: 2015 Ford Focus images leaked ahead of Geneva

Ahead of the Geneva Auto Show debut, the above images are purportedly official ford renderings of the 2015 Ford Focus. In keeping with their practices with the 2015 Mustang, Ford is very interested in making their cars look like the existing Fusion, which isn’t a terrible thing, but it is a little bit similar to […]

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Report: GM to bring reasonably priced, sporty wagon to the US

Just as the CTS wagon faded into the sunset, and many drivers mourned its passing, GM’s Mark Reuss, VP of Global Product Development, Purchasing and Supply Chain, said in an interview with FoxNews that “I still think no one’s offered a really good, affordable wagon in the United States. You know, mainstream, fun, good-looking, hot-looking, fun-to-drive […]

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2015 Volvo V60 T6 Polestar

Report: Volvo V60 priced from $36,225

Well, maybe not that V60, but the base model 2015 Volvo V60 will set you back $36,225 when it goes on sale in the ‘States next month. As one of the few remaining low-slung wagon options in the US, the V60 is a favorite in the northeastern snowbelt region, but not everywhere else. In Volvo’s lineup, sales […]

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2014 Volvo V60

Volvo confirms powertrain details for US-bound V60 estate wagon, sales begin in January

Volvo has been known to be prepping to bring its latest V60 estate wagon to the US of A amidst struggling sales and volume and heightened dealership demand. Resultantly, the Swedish automaker just revealed the engine options for the US-bound V60 estate. Set to hit our shores in January, the new V60 will come with […]

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Report: Volvo may import V60 as dealers struggle with volume

AutomotiveNews reports that Volvo may be considering the idea of importing their mid-sized V60 estate to our shores as dealers throughout the US have been struggling to sell cars. Volvo originally did not decide to sell the V60 here after it replaced the V50 due to declining interest in wagons in the US. Now, Volvo […]

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NOS Ford 1966 Station Wagon Tail light Lense Stationwagon  FoMoCo C6AZ 13450K picture
NOS Ford 1966 Station Wagon Tail light Lense Stationwagon FoMoCo C6AZ 13450K
1958 Edsel Station Wagon Tailgate Trim Tail Gate picture
1958 Edsel Station Wagon Tailgate Trim Tail Gate
1955 Plymouth Station Wagon Tailgate Trunk Emblem 1595954 picture
1955 Plymouth Station Wagon Tailgate Trunk Emblem 1595954
1978 - 1987 Chevy Malibu station wagon Taillight Covers picture
1978 - 1987 Chevy Malibu station wagon Taillight Covers
1989-1992 Caviliar station wagon left tailight picture
1989-1992 Caviliar station wagon left tailight