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SSC Tuatara

SSC rakes in $13 million in Tuatara orders at Dubai International Motor Show

At the 2011 Dubai International Motor Show last month, show-goers were treated to dozens of exclusive cars from Ferrari, Bugatti, Lamborghini and a bunch of other high-end brands. Also at the show was America’s Shelby Supercars, which showed off its upcoming model – the Tuatara. When you’re in the land where money is no object […]

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Video: SSC previews the interior of the Tuatara

Shelby Supercars or SSC has just released a new video showcasing their latest effort: the Tuatara supercar. After viewing the video, the Tuatara looks like something that went from concept and straight to production. The interior is festooned with digital holographic-like displays and readings while buttonage almost seems to be nonexistent. “The Tuatara will provide […]

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Video: SSC Tuatara 0-200 mph gear ratio testing

Shelby Super Cars is hard at work on its new Bugatti Veyron Super Sport competitor known as the Tuatara. The company has released a new video showing a few last sub-assemblies from the Ultimate Aero model for transfer into the final Tuatara performance package. SSC engineers are specifying new gear ratio packs for the Tuatara […]

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‘Tuatara’ is the name of the SSC’s latest supercar that will hit 275 mph

We reported this past weekend that American supercar maker Shelby Supercars will reveal the name of its upcoming model in the coming weeks. Well, it just happened to be the ‘coming days.’ The Washington based supercar maker announced today that the next SSC Ultimate Aero II will carry the name “TUATARA (pronounced twu‐tar‐ah).” “The design […]

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SSC Tuatara Steering Wheel picture
SSC Tuatara Steering Wheel