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Report: Mercedes-Benz could be considering “all-road” versions of its wagons

Australian outlet Motoring.com apparently heard through the grapevine that Mercedes-Benz could be interested in producing two new versios of their C-Class and E-Class Estates, or wagons for us Americans. The outlet spoke to Mercedes spoksperson, Matthias Luhrs. The new versions under apparent consideration are being described as possible “all-road” models, or models that will be lifted […]

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Review: 2014 Hyundai Tuscon: Cheap, Cheerful and Capable

It’s not everyday that one gets to test a car they would never consider owning, but Hyundai has gone to great pains to make this process enjoyable with their latest Tuscon. This model started life back in 2004 as a cheaper alternative to the Ford Escape and was left largely unchanged through 2009, save for […]

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BREAKING: MINI developed a truck! It’s called the Mini Paceman Adventure

You’ll note that we said “a truck.” That’s because there’s only one. The project is a collaboration between seasoned instructors and apprentices at Mini, but we cannot help but applaud the effort. Under the hood is the standard turbocharged 184 horsepower unit found in the Cooper S. The car naturally comes with Mini’s ALL4 AWD […]

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