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Report: Smart to attempt to become relevant again with a small crossover

If you’ve been wondering what Smart’s been up to lately, we have been too. But it just so happens thatĀ AutoCar got the scoop on some new plans from Smart, given it seems they’ve just disappeared in the muck of stiff automotive competition. In order to try and become relevant again, Smart is apparently trying to […]

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Mercedes-Benz confirms additional hybrid models, plus variants to Smart ForTwo

Mercedes-Benz’s parent, Daimler, recently announced some major changes happening to Mercedes’ and Smart’s lineup. For starters Mercedes-Benz’s lineup will see an increase in hybrid models, mainly for the C-, E-, and S-Class models. This is most likely in a response to BMW’s announcement to increase their plug-in hybrid offerings by selling a variant for each […]

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2013 Smart ForTwo Electric

2013 Smart ForTwo Electric price starts at $25,000

Smart has announced the pricing details on the ForTwo Electric Drive, which is on its way to dealerships now. The price tag starts at $25,000, making it the most affordable production electric vehicle in the U.S. The convertible model will start at $28,000 and will hit the U.S. market in spring of 2013. Smart is […]

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2012 Geneva: Brabus Smart eBike

2012 Geneva: Brabus Smart ForTwo Electric and an eBike with max speed of 30 mph

Brabus, known for its very high-performance Mercedes-Benz modifications is showing something a little more environmentally ‘smart’ at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show. The company is showing yet another Smart ForTwo electric drive – however, this time they are accompanying it with a smart Brabus bike. Besides the upgraded stealthy look of Smart Brabus electric drive, […]

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Rinspeed Dock-Go Concept

Rinspeed Dock+Go Concept allows you to get more out of your Smart ForTwo

The Dock+Go concept is automotive designer Frank M. Rinderknecht’s vision for vehicles based on the idea of bringing along no more then just what you need in your travels. Based on a city car, the dock and go allows drivers to add and remove a third axle as necessary. It was built by Peter Kagi […]

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Smart ForTwo Sharpred

Smart ForTwo Sharpred unveiled, only 1,800 will be built

It’s time to meet the latest special edition from Daimler’s Smart brand. Known as the Smart ForTwo Sharpred, the special edition model is a real eye-catcher with a red and black paint scheme and is available as a coupe or convertible. The outside also features a front apron and rear trim panel that are grained […]

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2012 Smart ForTwo

2012 Smart ForTwo gets a slight upgrade

Look very close and you’ll see a new look for the Smart ForTwo for the 2012 model year. Daimler said that it has sold more than than 1.3 million Smart ForTwos have since the first model launched in 1998. For the 2012 mode year, the Smart ForTwo gets a more dynamic look with a larger […]

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2012 Smart ForTwo

Report: Lease a Smart for $99/month, as parent Mercedes seeks to boost sales

Smart has been having a little bit of a tough time as of recent and in an effort to boost sales, Smart USA launched a $99-a-month lease campaign last week, versus the original lease rates of $159 to $169 per month. All buyers need to do is shift over a $999 down payment and they […]

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Rinspeed tries to solve range anxiety issue with Dock+Go

We’re pretty sure by now you’ve heard of the phrase ‘range-anxiety’ – its a term to define the anxiety caused when your electric car ‘distance to empty’ figure reads something below 5 miles. Swiss firm Rinspeed is now trying to address the range anxiety issue with an innovative Dock+Go concept that it will show at […]

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Video: Woman has hard time parking Smart car in a huge spot

There are a lot of women in this world that can drive – sometimes better than men, take Danica Patrick for example. However, there are also a lot of women in this world that can’t park for their lives. While many of you have probably seen women with huge SUVs performing a horrible parking job, […]

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BMW ///M+Power emblem M badge sticker car auto trunk metal decal M-Series Sliver picture
BMW ///M+Power emblem M badge sticker car auto trunk metal decal M-Series Sliver
Oxygen Sensor-Universal Left/Right BOSCH 15733 picture
Oxygen Sensor-Universal Left/Right BOSCH 15733
BMW M-Power emblem M badge sticker car rear trunk metal decal M3 M4 M5 M6 Black picture
BMW M-Power emblem M badge sticker car rear trunk metal decal M3 M4 M5 M6 Black
BMW M-Power emblem M badge sticker car rear trunk metal decal M3 M4 M5 M6 Sliver picture
BMW M-Power emblem M badge sticker car rear trunk metal decal M3 M4 M5 M6 Sliver
General Electric H7-55/BP Headlight picture
General Electric H7-55/BP Headlight