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Report: Toyota to use silicon carbide semiconductors to improve fuel economy

Toyota and their cooperative parts supplier, Denso, confirmed to be developing new semiconductor technology that could potentially boost fuel economy by up to 10 percent. This comes thanks to the use of new silicon carbide compounds that reduce the amount of power loss in hybrids. Specifically, it involves the power control unit of hybrids, a […]

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2" (51mm) Engine Cylinder FlexHone Flex-Hone Ball Hone 120 grit Silicon Carbide
2 1/8
2 1/8" Engine Cylinder Hone FlexHone Flex-Hone 240 grit 54mm silicon carbide
2" Engine Cylinder FlexHone Flex-Hone Ball Hone 400 grit silicon carbide
1 7/8
1 7/8" Engine Cylinder FlexHone Flex-Hone Hone 240 grit silicon carbide
3 1/4
3 1/4" Engine Cylinder FlexHone Hone Flex-Hone 320 grit Silicon Carbide BRM