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2016 New York – 2016 Toyota 86

2016 New York Preview: Scion’s lovely FR-S sports coupe finally gets the Toyota 86 name it deserves in the US

One of the more notable marketing fails that ultimately and probably led to the death of Scion was Toyota’s decision to name the excellent GT86 rear-wheel drive sports coupe, the Scion FR-S. By then, Scion more or less lost whatever credibility they had with the slowing momentum of the tC’s initial success. Part of Toyota’s […]

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After 13 years of operations, Toyota kills Scion

Scion is done. It’s a wrap. After 13 years of operations and attempts at trying to win more younger buyers to the Toyota portfolio, the Japanese auto giant decided to close the doors on the “youth” brand of Toyota. I know, who cares–Scions seemed to be pretty lazy reworks of preexisting Toyota models, all aimed […]

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Report: Subaru and Toyota to continue collaborating on next-gen BRZ/FRS/GT 86, could include plug-in hybrid

Subaru and Toyota joined forced to make the BRZ/FRS/GT 86 trio, a very special car designed with one thing in mind–driving fun. And I’m one to not care about all of the magazine racers demanding more power from it since it really does not need it. Nonetheless, whether your a fan of the GT 86 […]

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Report: The Toyota GT 86 mid-cycle refresh to yield lots of tweaks and new lightweight carbon fiber roof version

Toyota’s sports car chief, Tetsuya Tada, spoke to Motoring, who learned that the Toyota GT 86 will get a pretty involving mid-cycle refresh pretty soon. The refresh is said to include some tweaks to the engine, suspension, and the body while revealing a new lightweight variant with a carbon fiber roof. But don’t hold your breath […]

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2015 SEMA – Scion FR-S Release Series 2.0

Scion introduces FR-S Release Series 2.0

Scion released a follow-up successor to their FR-S Release Series 1.0 with the version 2.0. Exactly as its named the new version 2.0 of the Release Series FR-S is basically a Release Series 1.0, but with a range of different upgrades. Limited in production, the new 2016 Scion Release Series FR-S comes with 17-inch forged […]

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Report: Next-gen Toyota GT86 to get hybridized with F1-style KERS system

Some new news rings from Motoring, supposedly regarding the next-gen Toyota GT86, which will happen, despite having some initial setbacks with sales for the first generation (sadly). According to the Australian outlet, who spoke with some insiders at Toyota, the next-generation GT86 will happen and will come with an F1-style KERS system, or Kinetic Energy Regeneration […]

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Report: Next-gen Scion FR-S could use Mazda Miata MX-5 platform

Some news is floating in about the next generation Scion FR-S, which Australia’s Motoring says could use the new Mazda Miata MX-5’s platform as a starting point. This seems possible since the Scion/Subaru/Toyota trio don’t seem to be selling as well as the brands anticipated. They want to keep the car around, but could use the […]

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Report: Scion still says no to convertible or turbo FR-S

It seems like the prospect of a turbocharged or convertible, or even any sort of Scion FR-S/Toyota GT 86 variant is a beat-up dead horse of rumors. And to nail another one into the coffin is WardsAuto, who learned at the LA Auto Show that a turbo or drop top FR-S ain’t gonna happen. They […]

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Scion reveals their SEMA concepts for this year’s exhibition

Scion just revealed their latest concepts for SEMA in Las Vegas. The three concepts are based off of the Scion FR-S, the Scion xB, and the Scion tC and they seem to all have gone retro. We being with the FR-S, which receives a major modification that potential buyers wish Scion would do from the […]

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Scion launches the FR-S Release Series 1.0 at dealerships w/ video

Toyota and Scion seem to be giving buyers exactly what they’re not quite looking for. While potential buyers have been clamoring for a more powerful variant with help from forced induction, Scion seems to be offering the complete opposite. This latest special version of the FR-S is a prime example. It’s called the 2015 Scion […]

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New Denso FTF Air Filter, 143-3002 picture
New Denso FTF Air Filter, 143-3002
20x Vimax Open End Iron Extended Tuner Wheel/Lug Nuts 12mm x 1.25mm Gold picture
20x Vimax Open End Iron Extended Tuner Wheel/Lug Nuts 12mm x 1.25mm Gold
2pcs 3-SMD Ultra Red LED Strip Lights For CAR Cup Holder Glove Box Foot Area picture
2pcs 3-SMD Ultra Red LED Strip Lights For CAR Cup Holder Glove Box Foot Area
16x LED Lights Red/Amber Surface Mount Clearance Universal Side Marker Trailer picture
16x LED Lights Red/Amber Surface Mount Clearance Universal Side Marker Trailer
New Bosch OE Style Oxygen Sensor, 15942 picture
New Bosch OE Style Oxygen Sensor, 15942

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