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Report: Rolls-Royce still considering SUV crossover to combat Bentley’s attempt

Rumors about a Rolls-Royce SUV crossover have been in the works for quite sometime. With details hinting that BMW might be introducing a large seven-seat crossover to meet the growing demand, such a venture could allow Rolls-Royce to follow suit since the British automaker has exclusive access to Bavaria’s motoring parts bins. Additionally, Bentley has […]

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Report: Rolls-Royce SUV crossover rumored, supposedly hesitant about a V8 in it when they shouldn’t be

Automobile Magazine has been pondering about and has recently ventured into theorizing what Rolls-Royce may have in store amidst rumors that the low volume ultra-luxury British automaker is researching a BMW-based SUV-crossover. That said, because Rolls-Royce is obviously owned by BMW, Rolls is open to BMW’s part’s bin, so this naturally makes sense. Automobile says […]

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