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Rolls-Royce debuts spedial edition Phantom Drophead Waterspeed Collection

Rolls-Royce is on the branding wagon again to bring us the Phantom Drophead Coupe Waterspeed Collection, which celebrates historic milestones with British land and water-speed record holder, Sir Malcolm Campbell. Campbell was a significant figure in the 1920s and 1930s, who owned Bluebird Motor Company while investing in motorsports. He broke the waterspeed record in […]

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Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe Art Deco Front Seats

2012 Paris: Rolls-Royce unveils bespoke Phantoms, Ghost celebrating Art Deco era

As teased last week, Rolls-Royce has unveiled a selection of Ghost and Phantom family cars that celebrate the Art Deco era that are being shown at the 2012 Paris Motor Show this week. The lineup consists of a bespoke Phantom Sedan, Phantom Drophead Coupe and Ghost, all of which pay homage to the 1925 Paris […]

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Rolls-Royce Phantom Series II Drophead Coupe 2012 London All 3

Rolls-Royce drops its RR logo for the first time in 108 years for 2012 London Olympics

Following the closing ceremony of the 2012 Olympic games, Rolls-Royce rolled out three of its vehicles with new badges for the first time in the company’s 108‑year history. The new badges, designed by the Rolls-Royce Bespoke Design Team, replaced the R-R for the first time since the company started in 1904. “I am delighted that Rolls-Royce […]

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Rolls-Royce Head of Design

Rolls-Royce appoints new head of design

Rolls-Royce announced today that Giles Taylor will be taking over the title of Design Director at the company starting July 1, 2012. He will be replacing Ian Cameron (who is retiring after holding the title since 1999) and will report to Adrian van Hooydonk, Senior Vice President BMW Group Design. Taylor has held many international […]

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Rolls-Royce – Dine on the line

Rolls-Royce invites its customers to dine on the assembly line

Rolls-Royce does a lot of special and exclusive things for its customer base – as they should since their customers are willing to part with more than $300,000 every time they purchase one. To show the company’s appreciation, Rolls-Royce decided to do something it has never done before in the company’s history – get more […]

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Pininfarina Rolls-Royce Hyperion

Rolls-Royce Hyperion up for sale in Abu Dhabi

How deep must one’s pockets be to customize a six-figure mass of luxury on wheels? As deep as Roland Hall’s apparently. Hall picked up a Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe, and instead of parking it in his garage as most would, he took it over to Jason Castriota at Pininfarina for some custom work. Castriota completed […]

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Rolls-Royce Phantom Series II Coupe

2012 Geneva: Rolls-Royce Phantom Series II unveiled (w/ Video)

The Rolls-Royce Phantom Series I was launched in January 2003, following a five-year development phase under the new ownership of BMW. Well, it’s finally time for the Rolls-Royce Phantom Series II and the uber-luxury brand is showing it off at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show. Not seeing much of a change? Well, that’s because the Phantom […]

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Rolls-Royce Drophead Phantom Rain

Video: Owner of Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe leaves the top down… in the rain

An owner of a Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe could end up cashing out $100,000 to fix damages caused by leaving the top down on his ultra-expensive luxury car. Many walking by the Drophead Coupe parked outside a cafe stopped to record some footage of the car being soaked with the top down. John Barsoumian, owner […]

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Rolls Royce 102EX Concept

Rolls-Royce hits highest sales in its 107 year history

Last year proved to be a strong one for Rolls-Royce as the prestigious automaker recently announced that it has reached a record high in annual sales, the highest it is 107 year history. Up 31 percent from the previous year’s sales, 3,538 units were sold in 2011, compared to 2010’s 2,711 units delivered. The previous […]

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Rolls-Royce CEO sees record sales in 2011, optimistic on growth for 2012

Rolls-Royce CEO Torsten Mueller-Oetvoe said that he sees the company achieving record sales this year and is optimistic on growth for the next year. “I have not seen any reluctance to consider buying a Rolls-Royce,” Mueller-Oetvoes told Reuters. “I do not feel that sentiment is deteriorating in the luxury market.” The United States is Rolls-Royce’s […]

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