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Rinspeed microMAX Rear Angle

Rinspeed microMAX is an electric people hauler

At this year’s 2013 Geneva Motor Show, Rinspeed will be back with another concept that will never see the light of day. Known as the microMAX, the concept is basically a study of an electric people hauler. “Modern ride share centers nowadays are web-based or Smartphone-based,” said Frank M. Rinderknecht, boss of Rinspeed. “They operate […]

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Rinspeed Dock-Go Concept

Rinspeed Dock+Go Concept allows you to get more out of your Smart ForTwo

The Dock+Go concept is automotive designer Frank M. Rinderknecht’s vision for vehicles based on the idea of bringing along no more then just what you need in your travels. Based on a city car, the dock and go allows drivers to add and remove a third axle as necessary. It was built by Peter Kagi […]

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Rinspeed tries to solve range anxiety issue with Dock+Go

We’re pretty sure by now you’ve heard of the phrase ‘range-anxiety’ – its a term to define the anxiety caused when your electric car ‘distance to empty’ figure reads something below 5 miles. Swiss firm Rinspeed is now trying to address the range anxiety issue with an innovative Dock+Go concept that it will show at […]

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2010 Geneva Preview: Rinspeed UC? New Mobility Concept Car

Rinspeed always comes to Geneva with a very imaginative concept. This year, however, Rinspeed will unveil its UC? New Mobility Concept Car (that’s UC with a “?” mark) at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show, but the biggest surprise is that the concept was designed to be ready for future series production. The two-seater electric-drive UC?, […]

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Rinspeed UC? electric-car to debut at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show

At the 2010 Geneva Motor Show in March, Swiss automobile company Rinspeed will show off its new two-seater electric-vehicle called “UC?” – which apparently stands for “Urban Commuter” or “You see?” “It’s a new and highly emotional web-based car world that interweaves individual and public transport in an intelligent way,” said Rinspeed boss Frank M. […]

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Rinspeed E2 caters to your ‘commuter’ and ‘speedy’ side

So you get rid of your gas-guzzling, massive horsepower car in order to save your bank account from being drained due to (well, not so much anymore) high gas-prices. You then by yourself a minicar thinking you’ll get outstanding fuel-economy (which you most likely will) and will also spend less on your daily commute. Nonetheless, […]

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Rinspeed iChange Concept Unveiled (with video)

When Rinspeed isn’t out tuning Porsche’s and Subaru’s, the Swiss automobile manufacturer and tuner is coming up with exotic concept cars for the Geneva Motor Show – every year. Last year, Rinspeed came to Geneva with the Rinspeed sQuba, a concept based on the Lotus Elise that could ‘drive’ underwater. This year, Rinspeed is back […]

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Rinspeed iChange Concept coming to 2009 Geneva Motor Show

A little bit early for the 2009 Geneva Motor Show previews to come out but its a change from the constant auto bailout news. Rinspeed announced today that it will unveil its iChange Concept at the 2009 Geneva Motor Show. The iChage is a “1-2-3-seater” powered by a 174-hp electric motor. So what in the […]

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1998 Rinspeed Ego Rocket Porsche 911 Cabrio V-W New Beetle Corvette Convertible picture
1998 Rinspeed Ego Rocket Porsche 911 Cabrio V-W New Beetle Corvette Convertible
Genuine 22
Genuine 22" Rinspeed C5 Porsche Cayenne Turbo black wheels 21 oem factory 20
20" Rinspeed Style Wheels Hyper black Fits Mercedes ML GL63 ML550 ML63 5X112 AMG
20" Rinspeed Style Hyper Black Wheels w/ Tires Fits Mercedes ML350 ML500 ML550
Rinspeed Porsche Cayenne Factory Original C5/1 23
Rinspeed Porsche Cayenne Factory Original C5/1 23" WHEEL TIRE TPMS & CAP SET