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Revolting: North Carolina tow truck driver refuses to help someone because she was a Bernie Sanders supporter w/ video

As if the effects of this year’s POTUS election season and all the BS happening from the ever-so-heated battle for the fight to run this country, weren’t enough already to make all of us want to bash our heads into walls… Today’s ridiculousness comes from, surprise surprise, North Carolina, where the state is already suffering […]

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Video: Ever wondered what it’s like to wakeboard behind a Ferrari F50?

Let’s say you have a spare wakeboard, some rope, and a random Ferrari F50 laying around. But of course! What a great chance to go wake-boarding! That’s Tax the Rich’s latest video stunt who decided to answer today’s ultimate question. Have a watch after the jump.

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Don't Be Offended That’s Ridiculous License Plate picture
Don't Be Offended That’s Ridiculous License Plate