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Report: Citroen intends to return to the US market with their new luxury DS brand

If there’s one thing for certain, the US auto market has been completely void of new French cars, pretty much since the 1980s as major automotive players from the country of Parisian wine and cheese, like Renault, Citroen, and Peugeot fell out from poor demand. They were officially sold here in the 1960s and the […]

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Teaser: The interior of Alpine’s new sports car gets revealed, but it’s only a concept

Over the past few years, we were informed of the revival of French sports car maker, Alpine, who was famous for their use of Renault engines in the world’s first ever World Rally Championship competition. When we last heard, the car was still in its development phase and now, the concept’s interior was just teased […]

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Move over Volkswagen: German environmental group claims Renault is also breaking emissions laws

There’s no end to dieselgate, it seems. First it was a few affected Volkswagen and Audi powertrains. Next we learned VW also underreported carbon dioxide emissions and overreported fuel economy for some gas-powered models. Then Porsche diesels were thrown into the mix. The bad press just keeps coming for Volkswagen Auto Group, but if the latest from Reuters […]

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2015 Frankfurt – IAA: Daimler and Renault-Nissan Alliance get down to the details with stronger partnership

It’s no news that Daimler and Renault-Nissan are working together under a new Alliance pact to share resources and cooperatively develop technology and cars. Amid the latest media frenzy at the Frankfurt Motor Show however, Daimler’s and Renault-Nissan’s head-honchos met up for a bit of a sit down and a press conference, where they shared […]

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Report: Alpine to launch in 2016 with “low-weight, sporty” AS1

We’ve been told for a while now that Renault has been planning a relaunch of the famed Alpine marque – but what we don’t know is when. It’s already been three years since the French automaker first teased the world with the A110-50 concept. We’ve seen prototypes run at Le Mans with Alpine branding. And […]

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2012 Renault Twingo RS

2012 Renault Twingo RS gets F1 inspired styling

Renault is releasing two variants to join its new Twingo model for this coming spring. The first of the new models is the Renault R.S., which comes with new exterior upgrades such as a new grille that features F1 styling, a rear diffuser, and wheel arch extensions. A Sirius Yellow finish option becomes available for […]

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Report: Renault targeting 200,000 electric-vehicles by 2015

According to French newspaper sources, Renault SA aims to produce more than 200,000 electric vehicles per year by 2015-16. At least 150,000 of these will be the Renault Zoe. Set to be launched in mid-2012, the Zoe will use a modified version of the Clio platform. Electric vehicles are expected to account for 5% of […]

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Rumor: Next Infiniti M sedan to share Mercedes-Benz E-Class platform

The strategic alliance between Renault/Nissan and Daimler AG will allow the two automakers to cooperate on new tech and product-sharing that will benefit all who are involved. Following the announcement of their partnership, we heard many reports that Infiniti’s G lineup will get Mercedes-Benz”s inline 4-cylinder engines to improve fuel-economy figures. Latest rumors from Japan […]

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Woman named Zoe Renault files lawsuit against Renault for using Zoe name

Here is something that will make you wonder “What are the chances of something like this happening?” French automaker Renault SpA, has been threatened with a lawsuit, lest they change the name of their electric car, the Renault Zoe. The person who is threatening the suit? A 23 year old French woman by the name […]

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Ghosn: Teaming up with Saturn wasn’t a smart Choice

During fall of 2009, Renault-Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn was pondering requests to team up with two separate brands – Daimler’s Smart and General Motors’ Saturn. While, we already know who Ghosn picked to team up with, he says that it was never an “either/or” situation. He said that working with Smart made sense and “Saturn […]

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New SMP Battery Cable, A30-4U picture
New SMP Battery Cable, A30-4U
New SMP Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor, AS5 picture
New SMP Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor, AS5
New SMP Battery Cable, A24-4L picture
New SMP Battery Cable, A24-4L
New SMP Battery Cable, A36-4U picture
New SMP Battery Cable, A36-4U
New SMP Multi-Purpose Relay, RY116 picture
New SMP Multi-Purpose Relay, RY116