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Report: Nurburgring to lift ban on manufacturer-set record attempts

Not too long ago, the Nurburgring hit the headlines after banning automobile manufacturers from attempting record lap times, following a tragic accident in March. But now, Road&Track reports the ban was only temporary as the track’s management plans to lift the ban and restrictions. It wasn’t formally or officially announced, though an inside at Capricorn Nurburgring GmbH […]

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Report: Nurburgring bans manufacturers from setting record laptimes

It seems the glory days of the Nurburgring Nordschleife are coming to a sad end since a new report from Apex just surfaced reporting that the world’s most famous and daunting racetrack in Germany is closing its doors to manufacturers. Specifically, the report says that the Nurburgring has banned automobile manufacturers from setting record laptimes following […]

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