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Volkswagen GTI Roadster Vision Gran Turismo

Volkswagen builds the GTI supercar that we’ve always wanted*

Volkswagen clearly slid sideways into home plate with the above referenced concept car, the GTI RoadsterĀ Vision Gran Turismo. Now that Toyota is churning out a more interesting Corolla than Volkswagen’s Jetta though, there is a catch: this build is one of the digital variety. VW teamed up with the folks responsible for the GranTurismo6 console […]

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BARNETT 106-30-30009-03 CABLE,THROTT,56295-03PS+3 picture
BARNETT 106-30-30009-03 CABLE,THROTT,56295-03PS+3
BARNETT 106-30-40025-03 CABLE,IDLE, 56415-06PS+3 picture
BARNETT 106-30-40025-03 CABLE,IDLE, 56415-06PS+3
BARNETT 106-30-40026-03 CABLE,IDLE, 56634-06PS+3 picture
BARNETT 106-30-40026-03 CABLE,IDLE, 56634-06PS+3
BARNETT 106-30-30018-03 CABLE,THROTT,56357-02PS+3 picture
BARNETT 106-30-30018-03 CABLE,THROTT,56357-02PS+3
BARNETT 106-30-30012-03 CABLE,THROTT,56343-01PS+3 picture
BARNETT 106-30-30012-03 CABLE,THROTT,56343-01PS+3