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Report: Porsche ramps up efforts to produce Mission E

The Porsche Mission E Concept from the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show was quite a show stopper since it previewed Porsche’s future design language, and gave us many hints as to what we could expect to see in cars like the new Panamera and the 911. Porsche was also rumored to be working on an EV […]

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Report: Porsche won’t be at the 2017 North American International Auto Show

Reuters reports Porsche plans to sit Detroit out next year in an effort to focus their efforts more directly at a presence in New York and Los Angeles. Speaking to a company spokesperson, in addition to a supporting report from a German automobile outlet, the reasons come down to the cost and not a very […]

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Report: The Porsche Panamera hybrid could get 700hp and tech from 918 supercar

Porsche’s been in the news a lot lately with the launch of their new, second-generation Panamera, which will be launched with a range of preliminary powertrains, ranging from a 2.9L twin-turbo V6 and 4.0L twin-turbo V8, to a twin-turbo V8 diesel. But that’s not all that’s destined to power the Panamera as MotorTrend reports the new […]

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2017 Porsche Panamera

The new 2017 Porsche Panamera, this is it w/ video

After many teasers, renderings, spy shots, and whatever you used to help shape your vision of the second generation Porsche Panamera, all such assumptions can be laid to rest, because it’s here! Meet the 2017 Porsche Panamera, and yes, it is much better looking than the outgoing first generation model. Click here for more news […]

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2017 Porsche Panamera Photo Leak

Photo Leak: The next-gen Porsche Panamera, this is most likely it

As Thursdays were casually carrying on as usual, a “leak” somewhere in Porsche has led to the surfacing of some photos of what appear to be the next-generation Panamera. We already knew a second-gen model was on the horizon and thus, the Panamera comes as expectedly as clockwork. The pictures appear to be of the […]

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2017 Porsche Panamera Teasers

Porsche teases the next-gen Panamera, which clearly gets a bit less ugly

Porsche’s current and first generation Panamera has been a smash hit, despite its polarizing looks. Now, Zuffenhausen is just on the brink of revealing the new car and so they decided to tease the second generation model. Through observing the teasers, the new Panamera clearly gets a much smaller dose of ugly than the original car, […]

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2017 Porsche 718 Cayman

The Porsche 718 Cayman begins production in Stuttgart

Porsche’s home may be in Zuffenhausen, but their factory in Stuttgart, which is ironically home to Mercedes-Benz and AMG, recently commenced production of the new 718 Cayman coupe–the new Cayman powered by Porsche’s first-ever turbocharged flat-four. Keep in mind, Porsche has never made a turbocharged flat-four before, though they have in their earlier years, when […]

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Leaked: Could this be the new next-generation Porsche Panamera?

A picture of a four-door Porsche has apparently leaked on the Interwebs this morning, and it’s been all the talk today. That four-door Porsche would of course be none other than the Panamera, discounting their crossover SUVs–that’s what the leak is of and if true, it looks like Porsche’s dialed back the ugly a bit […]

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Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo Concept Front 3/4 Angle View

Report: Porsche’s new Panamera wagon should be in the US after 2017

Porsche announced to be producing a long-roof version of the next-generation Panamera and even confirmed its eventual arrival to US shores, despite American’s showing low-interest in wagons in general. Now, in the latest development from AutomotiveNews Europe, word is the Panamera could arrive as early as 2018. “We are confident that this car will be well […]

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911 RSR 2017

Report: Porsche testing mid-engined 911 race car

Here’s a question with a deceptively simple answer: When is a 911 no longer a 911? When the engine’s not in the back, of course. Only, Porsche doesn’t seem to think so, if the latest from Auto Motor Und Sport is to be believed. According to the report, the Stuttgart automaker was recently granted a […]

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original porsche seats
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2x Black Car Auto Seat Adjustable Comfort Safety Belt Stopper Clip Extender New
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Porsche Insulation Sound Pad for Engine Compartment 65-89 911 912 911SC Carrera
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