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Video: Petrolicious highlights the beauty of form following function with a Mercedes 280SL and a house

Petrolicious loves to go ham with its videos of classic cars and their owners’ stories. With this latest installment, the outlet highlights the beauty of the virtue of form following function, with a creatively designed house that also has a function, and a car made from a company who helped pioneer this very virtue in […]

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Video: Watch Petrolicious explain how the Volkswagen Scirocco can make a petrolhead

Petrolicious puts together some fantastic videos of owners, their cars, and the stories along with them. And this one is no different, only Road&Track’s senior editor, Jason Cammisa, is in the spotlight this time with this Scirocco 16v that he’s owned since college. Although not a tire-roasting sports car, the Scirocco is special in many ways while […]

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Video: It doesn’t matter what you have, Petrolicious proves that it’s no E30 BMW M3

The BMW E30 3-Series is indubitably an icon, most particularly for being the starting point of BMW’s most famous car to date, the M3, and for retaining cult status amongst enthusiasts because of that reason. It doesn’t matter what your biases are, as the fact remains that the original BMW M3 set a precedent that […]

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