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Rumormill: A Ferrari theme park could surface somewhere in North America, possibly the US

Ferrari seems to really be expanding their marketing reach, following the company’s IPO within the last year or so. A new report from Bloomberg says Ferrari could potentially be opening another theme park. But it’s not in Europe and Asia, where there’s Ferrari Land opening in Barcelona in 2017 and Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi. Instead, […]

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Video: The latest “easter egg” in the Tesla Model S harks back to Mario Kart 64’s Rainbow Road

Tesla Motors has evolved over time to become a rather quirky but fun niche automaker that’s consumable and likable. When you have a company who takes pride in what they do, they tend to be fun with it and thus, it’s no surprise that cars like the Model S are fun with hidden gems and […]

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2016 April Fools – Mini Cooper Scissor Doors

You can now get scissor doors on your new Mini Cooper to make a Mini-ghini

Are the Mini 3 Door, Paceman and Convertible not flashy enough for you? Well, have no fear! Because Mini just announced to be offering select models with scissor doors for an extra €1,959! But, only if you’re in the UK. The doors will also be offered on the five-door, Countryman and Clubman, saving you modding lot […]

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Fire at 2016 NYIAS Javits

BREAKING: This custom Porsche 993 was so hot it literally lit the Javits Center up at the NYIAS [UPDATEDx2 w/ video]

Photo from source, with video added! Just as we’re wrapping up the week of the 2016 New York International Auto Show, it seems the show wasn’t going to end without its fair bit of drama. All seemed to be going well for renowned freelance automotive photographer, Anthony Purcell of Halcyon Photo, who was working in the […]

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Mustang Monopoly token

The sixth generation Ford Mustang becomes a player piece in the latest Monopoly Empire board game

Believe it or not, despite our society’s infatuation with digital entertainment, people still play board games! Which means yes, Monopoly still exists and for the latest installment to the series, the latest sixth-generation Ford Mustang made its way into becoming a player piece for the game. This was part of a rollout to celebrate the World […]

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Video: Watch as these hilariously odd vehicles get spotted on the Nürburgring

Who said you you needed a racecar to flog the Nürburgring? Well, nobody, because you really don’t need to have a racecar to be able to drive spiritedly and freely to the furthest extent of your skill. That’s because the Nürburgring Nordschleife, yes the 12.3-mile long “Green Hell” in the middle of Germany that’s known […]

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Report: Mopar’s former SRT chief, Ralph Gilles, envisions a Chrysler Pacifica Hellcat

We all have our daydreams every now and then…for instance, I literally took 15 minutes from my time of writing this post to procrastinate “take a break” and see what the market was like for one of my dream cars. So needless to say, it shouldn’t be much of a surprise to hear of some […]

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Report: Man buys “pre-owned” problematic BMW M3–ends up being same one hooned by Jeremy Clarkson

Imagine this: you’re out to buy a brand-spankin’ new BMW 340i M Sport when you suddenly gotten a raise, and noticed a not-so-brand-spankin’-new BMW M3 could be had with just a “few” miles on it. You decide to act upon sudden raise to spring on the lightly used, pre-owned 2015 BMW M3, or you’re a […]

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Offbeat: BMW driver avoids being impaled by metal in a freak accident

The elaborate and tragic deaths of the victims of the Final Destination movies were exactly that, elaborate to the point of being outlandish and unlikely. But as reality has shown, freak accidents do occur as one BMW driver learned and was able to survive a Final Destination-like accident by avoiding from being impaled by a giant slab of […]

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This 50-lane traffic jam in Beijing is the gridlock of your nightmares

Do you live in a major metropolitan area and think your traffic and gridlock periods are bad? Well, your woes may have just been topped and your nightmares come true, at least in Beijing, China, where this 50-lane jam makes New York or Los Angeles look like the Nurburgring. The picture you see above, as […]

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