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Video: This 1959 Cadillac Sedan DeVille on an autocross is one of the craziest things you’ll see today

Whenever you think of cars to bring to track days, or even autocrosses, you would probably think of ones with ample power and good handling characteristics. You’d also think cars with a small- to medium-sized footprint would increase the chances for better performance to keep maneuverability and weight low. Cars like a Volkswagen GTI, or even a Porsche 911. But not […]

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Video: Watch this motorist’s shocking encounter with lightning

It’s summertime in the U.S. of A., which means storm season is in full effect throughout North America, with chances of strong and severe thunderstorms that are as frequent as sweating and swamp ass. So it shouldn’t be shocking–no pun intended–to find yourself caught in any of these storms during your commute or time on the road. […]

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Report: Dud bomb from World War II discovered during Volkswagen HQ renovations

Things almost went from zero-to-100 real fast for construction workers and Volkswagen AG employees when crews taking on renovations at the company’s HQ in Wolfsburg discovered a 551-pound dud bomb from World War II. It was found to be located 18-feet underground from where many of Volkswagen’s employees moved about to make Jettas, Golfs, Passats, […]

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Report: Florida dad lays the hammer down, makes an example by selling disobedient son’s first car

I remember my first car–it was probably one of the greatest moments of my life and almost is for pretty much anyone who had to go through a similar experience. It was also one of some troubling times because I wasn’t exactly the most responsible young and new driver at the time. I never did anything […]

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Video: Watch this GoPro capture the wildest footage during a rally crash

Off-road rally races and courses can get pretty darn ridiculous, which makes for very stunning entertainment on our end, like epic crashes. Luckily, this sort of thing happens all the time…crashes that is, and for the most part, thanks to strong roll cages and lots of other safety equipment, drivers and navigators rarely get seriously hurt. But […]

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Revolting: North Carolina tow truck driver refuses to help someone because she was a Bernie Sanders supporter w/ video

As if the effects of this year’s POTUS election season and all the BS happening from the ever-so-heated battle for the fight to run this country, weren’t enough already to make all of us want to bash our heads into walls… Today’s ridiculousness comes from, surprise surprise, North Carolina, where the state is already suffering […]

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Video: This animated feature of the evolution of the BMW 3-Series is the greatest thing you’ll see all day

The BMW 3-Series is an outright legend for being one of the best cars ever made. It’s reputation for being able to combine sports car performance and an unassuming and practical package of a compact luxury sedan has been the benchmark to beat, bar-none, ever since the 3-Series won the hearts and minds of the car-buying […]

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Video: Watch this guy hilariously fail at attempting a standing burnout on a sport bike

Bikes really aren’t my forte, but I couldn’t really help but realize how much wrong was happening in this video. There is no specific caption or description, other than the catchy “clickbait-like” statement along the lines of, “WTF was this guy thinking?” But despite the fact that I don’t do bikes and thus, I don’t […]

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2016 – Odd Pontiac Firebird – Toyota Prius v Franken-Resto-Mod

Offbeat: This Pontiac Firebird’s restoration is anything but traditional

Ok, so what you can probably immediately gather from just glancing at the pics is that this could probably be a post about some ridiculously meticulous restoration of a classic, ratty and beat-up Pontiac Firebird. While that’s a fairly bit accurate, the restoration itself is anything but traditional. Instead, “Bill the Engineer” decided to be […]

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Video: Watch someone lose their car in slow motion from the recent flooding in Houston

Mother Nature hasn’t been particularly nice to the Houston, Texas area as heavy rains swamped the area as of recent, leaving behind widespread flash-flooding. This of course means lots of carnage was bound to occur, and it just so happened that a local TV news affiliate crew, who was on-site at a location with severe flooding, […]

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Arai Corsair-V Black Medium Helmet Offbeat Productions Josh Hayes Dated 08/09 picture
Arai Corsair-V Black Medium Helmet Offbeat Productions Josh Hayes Dated 08/09