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Nissan Nuvu concept previews Nissan’s electric future

Nissan isn’t very fond of hybrids or range-extending electric vehicles. That’s why it’s showing the new Nuvu concept at the 2008 Paris Motor Show, a 2+1 (like the Toyota iQ) that allows for zero emission driving with its fully-electric drivetrain. “It is a real car,” says François Bancon, General Manager of Exploratory and Advance Planning […]

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Nissan Nuvu Concept: An electric-car the size of Toyota’s iQ

At the Paris Motor Show next month, Nissan will be showing its 3-meter long Nuvu concept – a 2+1 electric car. We have yet to see images of the Nuvu, but rumor has it that the electric motor of the Nuvu draws power from leaf-shaped solar panels. Size wise, the Nissan Nuvu will compete with the […]

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