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Report: Nissan may produce NISMO edition of Navara pickup

Australia’s CarAdvice reports that Nissan may produce a NISMO version of its new Navara midsize pickup. Now the Navara may not exactly be the next-generation Frontier for our shores, but it’ll be based on the Navara and should be pretty damn close, especially when they’re paying close attention to GM’s latest moves with the midsize pickup […]

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Follow-Up: That 2015 Nissan Navara isn’t our next Frontier…yet…

Well, another foreign model market gets filed under the forbidden fruit category as Road&Track clarifies that the current Navara isn’t the next-generation Frontier, but it will still provide some sort of starting point for the new model, which isn’t expected to surface for another several years. R&T reached out to Nissan for comment and their response: “[The […]

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It’s official, the next-generation Nissan Navara/Frontier is here w/ video

Correction: the Navara is not our new Frontier…yet…READ MORE After a series of teasers released on the web, Nissan finally spilled the beans on their next-generation midsize pickup, just in time as the segment begins to pick back up following the reveal of some other competitors from General Motors (the Chevy Colorado and the GMC […]

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Video: Nissan released a new teaser of what could be new midsize pickup

Nissan has been feeding the news sphere with a slow trickle of teasers for what appears to be a new midsize pickup truck. While abroad, the pickup takes form as the Navara, here in the US, we receive it as the Frontier. By logical deduction, this obviously means that we should be expecting a new […]

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Report: Nissan teases new pickup on Instagram, could be new Titan or Frontier

Nissan recently teased a new pickup model on their Instagram feed in the form of a picture (obviously). And it’s fairly easy to tell that it’s a new pickup by simply observing the overall silhouette. Another obvious observation is the inclusion of new LED daytime running lights as well as a pronounced chrome grille. Though […]

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2014 Chicago: Nissan showcases a diesel Frontier Runner Concept

Amidst recent reports that Nissan tied a knot with renowned diesel engine maker, Cummins, Nissan brought a Cummins diesel-powered Frontier to the Chicago Auto Show to prove that they’re rather serious about this partnership. As the light-duty diesel wars begin to pick up as diesel finally gets its foothold in the North American market, this […]

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2012 Nissan Frontier

Recalls: Nissan and NHTSA recall 2012 Nissan Frontiers, Pathfinders, Xterras over front wheel hubs

Nissan of North America and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration have just issued a recall for a mixture of 2,417 2012 Nissan Frontiers, Pathfinders, and Xterras, over faulty front wheel hubs. The campaign’s press release states that the vehicles equipped with front wheel hubs may not meet “design hardness specifications.” As a result, premature […]

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Nissan Frontier

Nissan sees opportunity in compact pickup segment as FoMoCo pulls Ranger

Ford recently gave us something that used to be Euro-only: the Fiesta, and it has been well received, but they will be pulling the Ranger. Due to this gap, Nissan seems to think that it will capture the Ranger’s sales: “We’re really the beneficiary of Ford pulling out of the segment,” says Al Castignetti, Nissan […]

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Nissan Frontier Commercial

Video: 2011 Nissan Frontier can help you land an airplane

“With full-size payload and towing, the Nissan Frontier is the mid-size truck that acts like a full size, giving the driver the feeling they can tackle any obstacle,” says the description to a new Nissan commercial that shows the Frontier helping an airplane land after it loses its landing gear. New to egmCarTech? Visit our […]

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Nissan produces one-millionth Frontier

Last week marked the making of Nissans’ one millionth Frontier pickup. It rolled of the line at their Smyrna, Tenn manufacturing plant. As the U.S.’s first mainstream small truck, the Nissan Frontier has a bit of history getting to where it is now. The Datsun 1000 was imported to the U.S. with a four cylinder […]

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