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2013 Mercedes-Benz E350 BlueTEC

Mercedes-Benz introduces new nine-speed automatic, to be phased in as standard in the coming years

Mercedes-Benz globally announced that they introduced their first ever nine-speed torque-converter based automatic transmission, internally referred to as the 9G-TRONIC cog swapper, for their premium vehicles. Although it isn’t a world’s first—despite Mercedes’ knack for beating many others to the punch with hundreds of innovations—the new 9G-TRONIC transmission is capable of also being used on […]

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2014 Range Rover Evoque 9-Speed Auto Development Car Gauge Cluster

Land Rover to introduce world’s first nine-speed auto in Range Rover Evoque, built by ZF

As if the world was already just getting comfortable with cog swappers consisting of six to eight forward gears, we were thinking that if there were any more, soon there’d be more forward gears than a mountain bike. Well, it just so happens that another brand will be introducing use of the world’s first nine-speed […]

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