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Ford ditches the hopelessly problematic MyFord Touch, replaces it with Sync 3

Ford has been a hit or miss with their vehicles recently, but not because they had any inherently flawed qualities from physical design and driving characteristics, but because they’ve ended up producing solid cars with crippling infotainment and in-car control systems, which have openly made the new Ford experience for many, very frustrating. The culprit was […]

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2014 Ford Fiesta

Ford resorting back to traditional buttons and knobs to help continue improving SYNC and MyFord Touch interfaces

Ford’s recent standardization of SYNC and MyFord Touch infotainment, in-car controls and interfaces, have been a rather hit or miss in the ergonomics department, with many citing slow performance and response, as well as confusing and convoluted layouts. Resultantly however, Ford has notably kept their ears wide open to the criticism and have been working […]

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2014 Ford Fiesta MyFord Touch

2014 Ford Fiesta will offer MyFord Touch

Say what you will about Ford’s MyFord Touch infotainment and connectivity system, but the company has no plans to stop offering what it says is a very popular feature with its customers. FoMoCo announced today that the 2014 Ford Fiesta will now offer the MyFord Touch option with a new 6.5 LCD touch screen unit. […]

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Consumer Reports tells you ‘why the MyFord Touch control system stinks’

When FoMoCo first launched the MyFord Touch infotainment system, the full-touchscreen system was met with much negative criticism by the media and the customers. Ford then decided to offer everyone a free update to existing customer and decided to offer its 2013 model year vehicles with an upgraded version. The upgrade was intended to make […]

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MyFord Touch Upgrade Packages

Video: How to install the MyFord Touch performance upgrade

After some horrible reviews from the media and many complaints from customers on the slow performance of the MyFord Touch and MyLincoln system, FoMoCo and Microsoft engineers have added some huge improvements to the system. “SYNC has put us in a unique position to change customer expectations for their ownership experience,” said Derrick Kuzak, group […]

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MyFord Touch gets faster and easier to use, existing customers can upgrade for free

Okay – it’s no joke that FoMoCo’s MyFord Touch infotainment touch sensitive system was a total failure for the automaker. The glitches in the system even ended up hurting the way the company’s vehicles were recommended by Consumer Reports. Well, Ford heard the complaints of the media and its customers and is unveiling a new […]

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Ford MyKey Teen Driving

Ford MyKey introduces ‘Do Not Disturb’ feature, blocks calls and texts for driving teens

Ford will become the first automaker to allow parents to block phone calls and text messages on their teens phones while driving. The new technology, known as MyKey Do Not Disturb, will launch on the new Ford Explorer in 2012. Does that means parents will have to buy a Ford Explorer for their teen? Probably […]

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Consumers help ensure MyFord Touch will be enhanced for Ford Focus Electric

Ford is giving its engineers the opportunity to get some feedback from consumers on development of the Ford Focus Electrics in-dash display. Driving simulations were used for MyFord Touch display enhancements, to be featured in the car. The simulator provided two 4.2 -inch LCD screens in full-color, with a speedometer in between. Information displayed includes […]

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Ford still committed to MyFord Touch, says 85% of owners find it easy to use

Ford’s new MyFord Touch infotainment, connectivity system isn’t perfect and the company isn’t afraid to admit it. Consumer Reports has gone as far not to recommend some Ford vehicles with the MyFord Touch system and recently, it was reported the Dearborn automaker is missing quality targets due to the glitches in the system. Recently, FoMoCo […]

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Ford Adds SYNC AppLink to 10 models, grows app developer community

Ford is adding its award-winning SYNC AppLink software to a new line up of vehicles for 2012, making it available on a total of 10 models. The program gives access to, and voice control over, driver’s smartphone apps while mobile. Doug VanDages, director of Ford Connected Services Solutions comments “We understand more and more drivers […]

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2013-2016 MyFord MyLinoln MyMercury Touch Sync 2 Navigation Upgrade  picture
2013-2016 MyFord MyLinoln MyMercury Touch Sync 2 Navigation Upgrade
2013-2016 MyFord MyLinoln MyMercury Touch Sync 2 Navigation Enable OBDGENIE picture
2013-2016 MyFord MyLinoln MyMercury Touch Sync 2 Navigation Enable OBDGENIE
2013-2016 MyFord MyLinoln MyMercury Touch Sync 2 8
2013-2016 MyFord MyLinoln MyMercury Touch Sync 2 8" Touch Screen Repair Service
OEM 12-14 Ford Focus GPS Navigation MyFord Touch 8
OEM 12-14 Ford Focus GPS Navigation MyFord Touch 8" Screen Display APIM Module