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Recalls: Mitsubishi finds some models suffer from control arm failures

Control arms are pretty integral to your vehicle’s suspension–they literally hold the wheels in place and keep them attached to the chassis, while those control arms are jointed to oscillate and adapt to the road. They’re also supported by shocks and springs and thus, you have your vehicle’s suspension-the tuning, geometry, and design of those […]

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Report: Mitsubishi again confirms the Lancer Evolution is dead, proves bleak future

Like you, we’ve heard it over and over again, about the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution’s eventual demise into the pages of history for good, which for the car enthusiast crowd, has been the equivalent to beating a dead horse, at least, a near-dead one. And to make sure we haven’t forgotten, Mitsubishi’s CEO, Osamu Masuko, spoke […]

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2015 Lancer Evolution Final Edition

The 2015 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Final Edition sends the model off into the pages of history

You’ve probably heard it over and over again in a chant, screaming from the millions of fans and enthusiasts around the world, “the Mitsubishi Evo is dead, the Mitsubishi Evo is dead,” followed by modifiers such as, “the end is nigh,” and “what will we do,” as they also lament its eventual cease. But it’s […]

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Report: A final edition Mitsubishi Evo X to arrive in June, to be called 5MT GSR

Jalopnik recently had an interview with Mitsubishi Motors North America’s executive vice president, Don Swearingen, to learn that Mitsubishi is tryingly doubly hard to stretch the life out of the current Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution. We already know the Lancer Evolution is going to be discontinued for good, making many wonder what’s going to be left […]

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Report: Mitsubishi denies Lancer Evo successor

Jalopnik recently spoke with Mitsubishi after releasing what could be the last Lancer Evolution ever for 2015. In a statement sent to the outlet, the company stated: “While the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution has been discontinued in many markets, the United States is committed to producing and marketing the Lancer Evolution through the 2015 model year. […]

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It’s been a decent run Mitsubishi, the last model year Lancer Evolution detailed

Mitsubishi recently detailed the 2015 Lancer Evolution and officially confirmed that it will be the last model year for the small Japanese automaker’s halo sports sedan. The latest model doesn’t really receive much in the way of updates except for some new cup holders and side-view mirrors with integrated turn signals. Yup, really, that’s it. […]

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Report: Mitsubishi to continue producing Lancer Evolution for 2015

Mitsubishi has apparently expanded the life of the current Lancer Evolution by continuing the model for the new 2015 year. This is a bit of a surprise considering the brand has repeatedly said that a new eleventh generation model is not in the planning docket. Instead, rumors of a new 3000GT revival with a hybrid […]

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Report: Mitsubishi Evo successor rumored to be a crossover now…

CarAdvice reports that Mitsubishi may be replacing the now defunct Lancer Evolution with a crossover, contradicting previous reports that the small Japanese automaker may reintroduce the 3000GT. Should this route be chosen, a high-performance crossover will take the stage, according to Mitsubishi’s President, Osamu Masuko. Either way, Masuko did conclude by saying the Lancer Evolution […]

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Report: Mitsubishi Evo X goes away for good

Though Mitsubishi is offering a special edition over in the UK, the X FQ 440 MR, reports indicate that the car for which the Japanese automaker was known for all of these years is finally heading off into the sunset. The discussion today is of the current chassis, which is entirely logical, but there may […]

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Report: Next generation Mitsubishi Lancer Evo to be powered by two-electric motors and diesel hybrid

Some new reports are in surrounding the supposed successor to the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, which has been up in the air for quite some time as Mitsubishi juggles around possibilities. Now, word from MotorTrend is that the next-generation Lancer Evolution could get plug-in hybrid technology. After speaking with supposed sources, the new Evo will be […]

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