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2009 Geneva: Mitsubishi i MiEV SPORT AIR CONCEPT hints at future of i MiEV

MItsubishi is at the 2009 Geneva Motor Show today showing off its new i MiEV SPORT Air Concept expanding its Dirve@earth¬†theme. Also on hand is the original i MiEV Concept that will be introduced to the European market in 2010. Will the i MiEV SPORT AIR Concept ever enter production? Mitsubishi says that “Sport” at […]

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Mitsubishi iMiEV SPORT AIR Concept coming to Geneva

At the 79th Geneva International Auto Show in March, Mitsubishi will show the third iteration of its iMiEV electric-car concepts. Mitsubishi says that the¬†iMiEV SPORT AIR Concept “explores the future possibilities for zero-emission vehicles, placing a greater bias on exhilarating driving pleasure.” While exploring zero-emissions vehicles, the i MiEV SPORT AIR places a greater emphasize […]

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