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Report: Next-generation Mitsubishi Pajero to be a serious plug-in hybrid 4×4

I guess it could be considered good news that more future product information is coming in regarding Mitsubishi, given their current state of needing a dire revamp. According to¬†AutoCar in the UK, Mitsubishi’s following through with its GC-PHEV Concept to make a brand-new Pajero, which is also known as the Shogun in various foreign markets […]

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2015 Chicago: Mitsubishi revives an old concept for a debut at Chicago

Ok, we’re really worried Mitsubishi. And the reason lies in the fact that they touted the arrival of a new crossover concept that’s not quite exactly new… Remember the Mitsubishi GC-PHEV? Well, that’s originally from the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show and it was brought to American soil for the first time, in Chicago. This has […]

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