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Report: More details on next generation Mercedes-Benz C-Class, CLK to return, straight-sixes to be revitalized

Automobile was able to get the scoop on some details surrounding the all-new 2015 Mercedes-Benz C-Class. So far, the outlet seems to have been a bit critical of the Silver Arrow’s recent productions. But after learning some new bits about what Mercedes has in store for the C-Class, Automobile happily reports that the C-Class is […]

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Rumor: Mercedes-Benz may drop entire V6 lineup for a new family of straight-sixes

Inline sixes have always been favored over V6s by enthusiasts for their unparalleled refinement, mechanical balance and simplicity. However, over time, companies who only produced straight-six engines have resorted to the “Vee” configuration to help cut costs and cater to a more space-conscious market, especially from the growth of longitudinally placed engines for front-wheel driven […]

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