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Mercedes-Benz F-CELL Roadster takes this historic route of Bertha Benz

The Mercedes-Benz F-CELL Roadster, built by 150 trainees of a dual-education system, took the historic route taken by Bertha Benz this weekend. The fuel-cell powered concept started its trip in Mannheim and finished at the chemist’s shop in Wiesloch, where the Bertha Benz stopped to refuel during the first long-distance journey in automobile history 1888. […]

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Mercedes-Benz F-CELL Roadster Concept built by Trainees

Mercedes-Benz today unveiled its new F-CELL Roadster Concept. The project is a result of more than 150 trainees and dual-education system students that worked together to build the roadster with fuel-cell drive. The F-CELL Roadster concept is powered by a fuel-cell system located at the rear with a power rating of 1.2 kW that allows […]

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