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Report: Mercedes-Benz to possibly rival BMW X4 following Concept Coupe SUV

AutoExpress of the UK supposedly learned that Mercedes-Benz may also jump on the same bandwagon as the BMW X4, following the revealing of the Concept Coupe SUV, which is designed to rival the BMW X6. “Whether we build a car like the X4 depends on whether there’s enough customers,” said Andreas Zygan, a source within […]

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2014 Beijing: Mercedes-Benz finally responds to the BMW X6 with the Concept Coupe SUV

As if we couldn’t get enough of this niche-filling, Mercedes-Benz seems to finally have stepped up to the plate in response to BMW’s rather successful SAV known as the X6. The result is the 2014 Mercedes-Benz Concept Coupe SUV, which is the Silver Arrow’s interpretation of a lifted and sporty four-door coupe for the affluent […]

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