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Melkus RS 2000 lightweight sport coupe to debut at Top Marque

Special German maker Melkus Sportwagen GmbH will introduce their new lightweight sport coupes at the Top Marques show in Monaco. Weighing only 2145lbs, the RS2000 GT and GTS are variants of the lightweight coupe and are both fitted with 2.0L turbocharged four-bangers that come from a “well-known German manufacturer,” as Melkus said. The top-of-the-line GTS […]

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Melkus RS 2000 confirmed for November, first sketches released

Melkus Sportwagen, a racing and sport car company founded by race car driver Heinz Melkus is back after 23 years. The company has released the first sketches of its new sports car known as the RS 2000, of which a final production version will debut later this summer. Melkus said that it will hand-build 25 units of the RS 2000 annually; however, in […]

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